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... Catherine and Heathcliff have faith in theirvocation of being in love with one another.... They both believe thatthey have their being in the other, as Christians, Jews, and Moslemsbelieve that they have their being in God. Look at the mystical passionof these two: devotion to shared experience and intimacy with theother; willingness to suffer anything, up to, and including, death, forthe sake of this connection; ecstatic expression; mutilation of bothsocial custom and the flesh; and mania for self-transcendence throughthe other. That passion is a way of overcoming the threat of death andthe separateness of existence. Their calling is to be the other; andthat calling, mad and destructive as it sometimes seems, is religious.

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There are many whose passions have been a lifelong ambition with great success and other whose passions have brought great success at the expense of their lives.

but I hate writing with a passion.

Romeo and Juliet is rife with the powerful contrasting passions of Love and Hate