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In many parts of what is now considered the Third World, people developed impressive skills in architecture, horticulture, crafts, hunting, fishing, midwifery, medicine, and other such things.

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Frankly, at this point, there is no question whether to apply genetic engineering toward improving crops for food consumption. Genetic modification is already part of the crop improvement tool box. The real question is if, in addition to helping make many wealthier in the , this advanced technology provides part of the solution to help improve a lot of the poorest regions of the world. Applying this technology to safely and effectively solve the problems of third world hunger, though, would require reasonable engagement and coordination from a variety political and social groups, and that may be too much to hope for.

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Much of the inability of GM technology to provide relief for the poorest nations seems to have less to do with the technology and more with social and political issues. Many of the poorest countries most strongly affected by famine, such as many African nations, have set up onerous regulations that prevent the growth and import of GM food and crops. Much of this resistance seems to be prompted by groups such as the African Center for Biosafety and SAFeAGE, and also from international relationships with Europe which has tight restrictions on GM food. Also, and partially as a result of the political and social situation, groups, such as HarvestPlus, that focus on research and development crops and farming techniques to address third world hunger specifically avoid genetic engineering as a method to improve plants.