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Let me explain. To do a partial agreement is 100% fine in IELTS writing task 2. But many students don’t know how to do this correctly. Instead of a partial agreement, they write a discussion essay without a clear opinion – in that case, they will get a very very low score. So, my advice is:

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We will read 3 articles and watch one video about growing a school garden.
We'll do a close reading of the .

Read our articles and write warrants.
Use evidence from our articles to support our claim.
We will draft our 5 paragraph essay as a class.
You will use the rubric to evaluate the class essay.

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Learning to write arguments well depends on the teacher’s approach to instruction and how they prepare students to broaden their knowledge, develop ideas, and communicate effectively using relevant and authentic evidence. Argument writing is just as much about thinking critically and reasoning effectively as it is about the structure of the writing itself. It is a process of inquiry, with the goal of seeking truth, information, and knowledge.