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When Paris sees Romeo in line 49 it is very dramatic because it is a secret that Romeo is back in Verona. Romeo is breaking the terms of banishment and is now challenged by Paris who he does not know. This idea of unknown identity is used throughout the play; the most important part being when Romeo and Juliet meet and do not know that each is the child of their enemy. Lines 49-53 show Paris speaking to the audience as he lets them know his opinion about Romeo. This is good stagecraft by Shakespeare because it builds up to the fight that begins in line 70. As all this action is happening outside the tomb we must keep in mind that it is night time. This adds to the dramatic effectiveness because there will be shadows. The fight scene between Romeo and Paris creates suspense by delaying the entry of Romeo into the tomb. The audience knows that Juliet is going to wake up very soon and if the fight goes on long enough then she may wake up before Romeo has chance to kill himself. In line 71 Paris’ Page exits to call the Watch. This creates suspense throughout this section of the scene because there is the threat that the Watch might arrive at any time.

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In lines 106-108 Romeo says that he will stay with Juliet to protect her from the ‘monster’ Death. This is very romantic and shows the strong love between them. In line 109 Romeo talks about remaining ‘With worms…’. This is important because in Elizabethan times, when the play was written, people were much more open about death.

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