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What About the "Synthesis" Part?
A Rhetorical Analysis Should :
Show awareness of the rhetorical situation
who, what, when, where
, and
of the piece--see the previous presentation on "Rhetoric and Rhetorical Analysis" for details.)

Explore the writer’s or speaker’s purpose and main point/s

Identify the techniques (or tools) used

Show examples of those techniques, and occasionally comment on their effectiveness.

Purpose: To write an in-depth analysis/synthesis essay about a famous painter and one of his or

The most common and acceptable font used is the Times New Roman font size 12. The spacing most commonly used is the 1½ or double spacing to make room for corrections or comments made by editors. Final copies that are not subject for revision may be done at the single or 1½ spacing. The margins used for analysis essays are one inch on all sides of the paper and the heading located on the top portion of the page is not considered as a part of the essay but has information on the name and location of the writer or the institution represented by the paper.

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The thesis and main theme is explained in the main body of the essay. In preparing for the analytical points to be presented in the essay, the writer can utilize subthemes to segregate the analyst’s comments from the author’s pronouncements in the literary work being analyzed. The writer depicts in each paragraph either the author’s work or the essayist’s comments, careful not to mix one with the other.