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The turn onto my writing path was abrupt and almost without warning. In early 2017, I started writing, and on that first day, I wrote a 2,000-word essay. A week later, I started writing a memoir of my move to Singapore, which evolved into the novel Travails of a Trailing Spouse. I wrote feverishly, staying up past midnight on most nights, completing a chapter of the book each day. Not quite a year later, in January 2018, the book was released. It’s been a crazy year.

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“Wow, less than a year? That was fast!” is the response I usually get from people when they find out how long it took to write, find a publisher for, and release my debut novel, .

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Today, I want to show you some more samples of excellent Common Application essays so that they might inspire you to a better level of writing.

As a writer, I’m obsessed with paper as well (and of course, ppens and notebooks), and these stores have entire floors of them, especially , which is a venerable Japanese institution with eight floors of craft and stationery goodness. You can take a lift up, but must walk down all eight floors if you want all the stuff on the topmost floor.