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The word count limits for the essays are established so we can see how well you can express your thoughts, points, and ideas concisely and effectively. Please try to stay within the word limits as much as possible. It is acceptable for an essay to be a few words over the limit. However, if an essay goes substantially over the word limit it could be detrimental to your application.

Your MBA application without your essays does not go very far in explaining who you are, ..

Loosen up. It's okay to substitute "it's" for "it is" and "I'm" for "I am." Some contractions, however, are too informal and should probably be avoided. For instance, I would try not to use the contraction "you'll" in an application essay. It's too informal.

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Here are two ways that this common mistake manifests in MBA application essays: ..

Your college application essay gives you a chance to show admission officers who you really are beyond Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay.

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The most common (and most important) MBA essay you'll write is the one that asks about career goals. It's usually combined with a question asking why you need an MBA and another asking why you need an MBA from that particular school. The basic strategy is to write something like the following three headings before attempting to respond to the questions:

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Remember, MBA essays are more about what you say than how you say it. (That's why we work so hard on our applicants' strategies.) So think hard about what you can offer a business school before sitting down to write your essays.

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All applications will ask you to present yourself in writing via a group of essays often referred to as the "personal statement.." The number, length and subject of essays varies tremendously from school to school, but all schools share the same objectives. They want your essays to give a portrait of who you are, what motivates you, and what your personal and professional goals might be. In addition, your essays will provide a sense of how well you communicate. Do you have a way with words? Do you get to the point? Do you communicate with confidence? Finally, your essays will reflect strongly how seriously you take your application, and by extension, your MBA project. Let's look at each point one at a time.

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After your GMAT score, the application essays are the most important element of your candidacy. Yet most applicants don't know what to say or how to say it.