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If a young woman in high school has her heart set on attending a summer school program, she may apply for financial aid directly from that program. It is a little-known secret that summer school programs are very generous in their financial aid offers. Colleges like Harvard want to see the best and brightest young women attend their programs, so they will try to work with your financial situation.

I need to locate some stories or clippings on real life instences of a adolescent(s).

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The second step is to obtain any recommendation letters you will need from teachers, principals, employers, family, or spiritual leaders. Carefully read the requirements of your scholarship. Some scholarship applications will prefer letters that are only from your teachers, as opposed to employers or family. Never send a family recommendation if a scholarship clearly specifies that it requires recommendation letters from a teacher.

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Some young women fret about asking particular teachers for letters of recommendation. The truth is that most teachers are more than willing to provide letters of recommendation, even if you may have received a mediocre grade in the class. A teacher simply wants to know that you tried your best in a particular class.

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Of course, smart students will choose to obtain letters of recommendation from teachers who may know of their achievements and support such achievements. For example, perhaps you are the leading point guard on your high school’s basketball team. Maybe your English teacher is also the coach of your basketball team. If you have succeeded in both the class and on the basketball team, then asking this teacher for a letter of recommendation is a very wise idea.

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I was involved with the APA/MTV project called "Warning Signs", mostly aboutsuicide and homicide (e.g., the Columbine Syndrome), but a lot of it isgeneralizeable to violence towards self, if not suicide.

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People are clearly concerned about violence, and I am happy to provide what appears to be a useful resource for students and mental health professionals.

It certainly is one of the best stress-busters!

I have been very active in presenting teen forums and discussion groups, in schools, churches and hospitals in New York City, as well as in training other mental health professionals in the use of the APA/MTV video and other resources describing the warning signs, causes, and effects of violence among our youth and society.