...mber of teens that start smoking each year.

During that year, after another fallback – I fell to the world of addiction and again was trying to bring myself back. I knew I had to make a drastic change, so I left Russia and headed for United States. There I was doing some studying, getting my mind off the life back in Russia. I quit drugs, but not masturbation. Plus I also picked up smoking cigarettes. Even though I felt different, I was not well inside. Constant studying, plus the city’s fast life (I was in NY) soon left me again depleted of my life force. I had no choice, but to look for a way to replenish myself. I decided to look for Yoga classes. I enjoyed doing Yoga back in Russia, because then it gave me the lift, which I was so in need of now. Destiny led me to Kundalini Yoga classes and since then my life was never the same.

Millions of people areaddicted to smoking, and thousands more become addicted every year.

What you need is a new perception. A new state of being. The state, where you would feel so much better, that you would not want to come back to your old way of life. The state, where you would see that life can be without masturbation, or any other addictions, without sexual perversions, without any dirty thoughts. The state, where you would be able to channel your life energy for the better, rather then let it go to waste. The state of a better health, feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships – the state of a new life. And the great thing is that going up has no limits, while going down always has a bottom.

Even people that do not smoke are at risk ofthese heath problems.

Every time a person smokes a cigarette orchews tobacco, that person ingests nicotine.

Resist the temptation to touch yourself, or stimulate yourself. Just try to observe what is happening with you. Look at the object of your arousal, feel the arousal, but resist the urge to go further. From my experience I can say that there is a time lapse of about 5 to 15 minutes, when we feel the arousal and have the urge to take it further. During this time, we do not think straight and let our senses take over. This is usually the time, when we hurriedly take out our credit cards and with shaking hands purchase another membership to a site. If you’re on a site, take more time to browse it, or look at some other content on your computer. Give yourself more time and after a while you will feel that you arousal is starting to subside, and you may come to senses and realize that you don’t have the need to masturbate any longer.

Smoking also affects the environment indoors negatively.

Despite the Surgeon general's warning that maternal smoking may result in premature birth, fetal injury, or dangerously low birth rate, fifteen to thirty-seven percent of pregnant women still smoke (Hofhuis, de...

Cigarette smoking can have serious health effects on the human body.

Now a days the amount of young women and children smoking is on the increase although the overall amount of people who smoke is declining in most countries.

Smoking causes a variety of life threatening diseases....

Many studies have examined and outlined the adverse effects of maternal smoking on both the mother as well as on the baby and/or infant ( Hofhuis, de Jongste, & Merkus, 2003 & Woolbright 1994).

Then the crowd that smokes will like you but others may not.

First off you have to realize that masturbation is a destructive and harmful habit. It affects us on all levels: physical, mental and even subtler levels. My views are going to be based solely on my personal experience and it will be up to you to decide whether it applies to your life. I will be basing my conclusions on the concept that everything is energy, as we are also. And this is not just different traditions, or spiritualism – this is a scientifically proven fact. We are made of energy and our overall state of being depends on the amount of energy we have, and the state, which this energy is in. Even if you’re skeptical with what I’m saying doesn’t the following imply to your life?

You might start to rather smoke then be with your friends....

I closed the site in year 2011, after 7 years. Thieves and pirates caused my business a great suffering. It was painful. I always put my heart into the site and considered it a form of art. I used to care a lot about what the content was like. But then I was disappointed to see that most of the people do not appreciate any of it. They even hate you, because you want them to pay for the work that you’ve done. They want it all and for free. I did most of the work myself and even modeled for many years. Seeing your work being raped is not something Id wish anyone to experience. But even with all of that, my site was still going. I lived hassle free, now with other people doing the production, and still making thousands.