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For example, I wanted to be a sagacious and thoughtful writer although I am not a native English speaker and obviously not a talented one I. My very first essays were frivolous and diffuse. I began practicing harder by reading articles from innumerable resources and writing essays and journals intensely. As a result, my outstanding English score and the laudatory comments on my work are the greatest accolades I can receive.

Hard Work Is The Key To Success Essay

I think bout of talent and hard work are very important. Because if someone has talent but he/she does not work hard he/she will not success. Work hard that will make you talent and even you have talent you have to work hard.

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Hardwork Is the Key to Success Essay Example for Free

In my opinion, I think that with dedication and hard work, we can get success in all the different fields do not matter if those are academics or sports. Even though sometime, the talent surpasses the dedication. For these people with natural talent the things are easier and they do not work as harder as dedicated people. However, people with average ability could improve with practice .I believe that “practice makes perfect” because when with practice we can fix all our mistakes and comprehend better how these things gone. With practice, we improve our abilities that at the end, those activities become easier and natural for us that could become our talent.

Work, work, ever work, is a great panacea

I think this article describes how they have done studies of people who have abilities to memorize and it was shown that more talent can achieve success. besides, I think that everyone has your talent but for some people it is easier to achieve their goals because it is natural for them. I can add that hard work and talent go together because a person who works hard and with dedication to be able to also achieve their goals. Logically they must have more effort and sacrifices that people are born with the talent to do something either in sport, in the studio or something in particular.

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Hard work and success go hand in hand because life is designed to be tough. Nothing is offered on a silver platter; which means that people have to keep trying to succeed. In actual sense, there are so many challenges in life that only hardworking people can overcome them. This explains why there are very few successful people in the world today.

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Notably, many people give up when they do not feel like pursuing their goals or when they experience setbacks at the initial stages of a project. For instance, many people trying to lose weight may not see the results within the first few weeks of rigorous exercise and dieting. At this stage, unsuccessful people will give up. On the other hand, hardworking people try to find ways of solving some of the setbacks- instead of giving up. More so, they put in more effort even when they realize that have slim chances of winning.

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Some individuals argue that an individual needs to be smart- and not hard working, for them to be successful. However, successful people narrate of instances when they did not want to pursue certain projects but pushed themselves to achieve their goals anyway. As a result, they were able to stand out amongst the crowd. Therefore, it is hard work, and not smart work that breeds success. In any case, most of the hard working and successful people are very smart.