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there are always others.
slave mothers
u gave me light
Hey brothers
when i was browsing your website
trouble stirs
thought it smelt like a ben gay factory
i love pinecones
and he thought he was stupid
And all I want is David.
To behave as though one savoured
love ausfahrt
I think that I am going insane
The things in life that once thought flavoured
Caledonia mahogany's elbows
As I lay on a grassy hill
Brittany is a cat killer
I hate you
she likes to hurt them good
Hate me for it.
flap it hard flapperella
Hate me for it.
flap it hard flapperella
Tear the fragile curtain of our reality
And yet we fly, armed with flagella
Oh man, what are you, nuts?
Life goes on
Naw homie i just love sluts
Dharna Noor
A song is one that's made to be sung
After eating mushrooms that taste like dung.
I wish I could Know
i kissed him upside down
what secrets fall like leaves behind your autmn eyes?
my lips to to a smile from a frown
as flames burn into my soul
hi hi hi
my feet get hot, my armpits sweat, my mouth is dry and I scream "I'm on Fire!"
Yello or i will Tellyo
all for me
i have to much hair to keep neat, and too much love to keep it
i wish it was
move to the oppsite
but nothing rings
In truth she never stops, her voice eternally sings
get out
I still miss the bastard
them damn birds
so do i
eat the babies eyes out
Do I really care to look at life?
oh yeah
I too can fly
the gravestones are battared, the trees are now creaking
Can you too try to fly?
the undead bodies below are all reeking
I think I could, if only I would try!
in the silent night, thank heaven none are speaking
just listening to mother nature as she rejuvenate the earth
where is your boy 2 night?
ask me no questions, I'll send you no email
I hate life
And the spider in my ear finally died
Eggs in a basket, sunfried
Spring is a dearth of winter
The nether side of a leaf
When autumn does so spare
We shall miss you Mr Hewitt
The merchant every helpful with his flashcards
You cannot read a big fit
how are you
Fish are weird
The Parent's Verse
Your tingle makes me weak.
was no longer there
that which permits no inquiry will result in no enlightenment
so so sexy
God you're so prophetically pathetic- enlighten THIS down your throat!
ooh yeah...

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where art thou tourniquate?
And in a way, we couldn't cope
a wet sloppy one
Here I stand, Or Do I Drown In agony
For my life is but a sinking pebble
give it
Do Jun at noon
Soon enough we'll slip your souls out through the eyes
wide they be as the ship
see the lost souls in satan's grip
No harm is meant by this gift that I give
they surffer
We hope you will come down
i love taking long walks on the beach
i love taking long walks on the beach
i love taking long walks on the beach
So walk me, baby,
Granted, I lost my shoes
Smoking awesome cigars
Nobody loves me
breakfast in bed
breakfast in bed
Morgan is a nut
love to hit the sack
just go to see the lack
yo i'm ready to fight
on a cold day on exmoor
Living After Midnight
Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Popcorn
I love you
Rooney why did you do it
Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, you blew it
Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, you blew it
to do is to be silly
Englans always sucked, i knew it
As silly is to do
get up and leave my room a sty
I'm in love with my man
A tip, a mess, a total dump
i love u
I wrote a tune for the Atlanta scene
Beyond the river, to return again
shake it up baby, twist and shout
love is another kind of hast regret
how can a sweet thing like you bear to whore my heart out
i am going to die in corporate hell
i feel this is what i deserve
your mom
your mom
told me a funny story
about how you're going to die
her body, her breath
you think you are right
his eyes, his touch
Rhyming's entertaining, as you might already know.
why lie so much
because truth be told lies are sold on the daily and thats true, im not one to argue or dispute, i just count one two and then shoot you
I am but a penis
she is thinking
Fuck me
how cruel this world can be to a girl only three
I am the greatest
So pretty
Sow bug, with feet a-plenty
Sitting under my umbrellas
Sitting under my umbrella
The wind in Delta's hair flows thick with time.
In the nightmare of intention the planets ache,
For alas, planet can't reach, or take
For alas, planet can't reach, or take
But we have the beers!
ill tell you a story about my life
But we have the cooling?
Have you heard the sound of children crying in the night
ounds terrible, you should be able to find something
sounds terrible, you should be able to find something
turning so slowly to the distance
make me feel happy
I fleck like horses to the broach
It is all good
my love for you is a rose waiting to bloom
It Was A Lonley Day
bits of glass
that's all i had to say
he said the seventh day
don't just return yet of may
don't just return yet of may
this time i'll try to set aside all i've got
because may is the time of showers during day
because may is the time of showers during day
because may is the time of showers during day
Knowledge is power
tryna be me no one gonna copy me
Babies born to smokers are more likely to be underweight
You wanted war?

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i've changed my mind
By the lack of time your show made to me and th sun bliss
My show is your woe
I remember a time when life had more Zelter
Juliet gave her live to stay with him
I remember a time when life had more Zelter
but since you came in my life its been nothing but bad luck
there's the church, there's the steeple, open a door, and there's all the people
let's do it
Plants are pretty beneficial
steward as fat as lard was a great dog
his nut-sack so low it ripped on a fallen log
his nut-sack so low it ripped on a fallen log
but steward was brave and not one to whine
but steward was brave and not one to whine
I love you from black to white
there are too many rappers in this scene
Because Michael Jackson is both and neither
rappin bout nutin but all they hoes and bling
Because I love to suck the peter.
Because I love to suck the peter.
Because I love to suck the peter.
The gorillas suck
their mothers nipples
My name is Bob
flow like a waters ripple
ifinite you heard of hell well i was sent from it
Here I now die.
from depths of illustrious pitch black decoy
i lay lying/uncomlying knowing that knowledge is the light/only relying on that we lit up the night
struggling through the mud
Why did you leave me?
i am a helpless butterfly crawling along
I loved you, but i wish i had showed it
i can't sleep and it's already dawn
I am a show off with nothing to show for
my eyes are bleary, i let out a yawn
Barking, pooping mans best friend
On the outside looking in,
u dont know me
This is where the fun begins
dont cry
Do I scream into an infinite abyss
Grap your board and short, the surf van, we're going out to sea
when I think things are hit and miss
It may be cold, but at least it is above the zero degree
for when all else is lost
you havent got a chance
you are lost
to save it for the last dance
you have more
suck me in the bum
why did you leave me?
Get crunk in the club
Potomac’s neat cul-de-sacs and white picket fences
You abnormal hoggy cupcake like bub
my live goes on without you
Your brain is like custard, you crumpulous chub
as in pains qu'elle Fortunato
he drowned his old mum in her old clawfoot tub
I like falsetto
I'll drink away my fears at the run-down pub.
They asked me if I was loco
The liquid does nothing to douse my pains.
The chese was bad
The chese was bad but it wasn't good
It made me sad
It had not that taste we know that cheese should
it made me gay
i fucked my mum
i fucked my mum
i fucked my mum
i fucked my mum
i fucked my mum
fuk u
fuk u
son los fantasmas que giran y giran , a mi alrededor
la luz de luna hace brotar mi soledad
Oh parallel resistors, why have you forsaken me?
the moon hung low limbed by trees and smiling
If we aren't leaves, why are you still rakin' me?