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Abuse, being a single parent and various other obstacles you’ve had to overcome in life are something that can help you pay for your college. Being a woman and deciding to go back to school are all topics to help you get a scholarship, but by homing in on other topics within that subset, you can find more ways to qualify for more scholarships, giving you every opportunity possible to make your dreams of going back to college more affordable.

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Colleges and universities across the country are expensive when it comes to tuition. Even if you don’t live on campus, the cost of learning is higher than ever before. That shouldn’t discourage you from going back to college, however. As a woman, you have an unbelievably large number of scholarships and grants available to you if you decide to continue your education or go back to school after being out of it for a number of years.

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writing an essay on going back to school

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Essays on scholarship and grant applications can range from 300 words to several thousand words. Plan on typing out your response unless they ask for it to be handwritten. You don’t want a judge to be unable to read your words, which is why you should always type it when given the choice. Spell check the essay and let someone else read it over before you submit it with your application.

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I can see and feel that it is very hard for my mom. She is always talking about how she misses my dad so much. It is wonderful to see my parents who are still very much in love after all these years, but she has to remind herself, sometimes constantly that she went back to college in the first place to take help take the financial burden off my father that he has carried all these years. Along with that, my dad has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and although his job pays well, it does not offer any benefits. This I know weighs heavily on my mother. There have and continue to be issues with my 14 year old sister for my mom. She has self-esteem issues and she suffers from migraines. My mom has to take her to different doctors to counselors along with going to school full time and trying to be there for her daughter. I know my mother feels guilty, like somehow my sister's problems are all her fault and of she is responsible for them, because she is not free and around she used to be. I have had several long talks with my sister Samantha and I have tried to assure my mother that what my sister is going through is normal teenage growing pains, except for the migraines of course. I think my mother forgot what I was like at 14. The most problematic part for my mother is probably my two-year-old sister, Fiona. I have heard my mother, again say that she should quit school and wait until Fiona is older. She is definitely mom's last child and I do not think my mother wants to miss a moment of her growth. I can definitely understand why it is much easier to get your higher education when you are younger without having all of these issues to deal with.

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What may set me aside from others, is that I had/have a vocation as a colon hydro-therapist and am back in a junior college taking business courses so I can start a successful business with a good foundation. I have not worked since 2008 (except for a couple of months) and am a woman of 59 years. I left my job in Puerto Rico because I had a bad car accident and hurt my back. My savings was spent on alternative care and my back is healthy now. My sister, my father, and my brother all passed recently. I believe the total S.S. benefits I will receive when I am of age is less than $300 to date! I have lived in my car, and mostly couch surfed these past years. I did live with my father when I cared for him as he passed. With my school grant I was able to rent a room/trade for awhile. I am currently living in a tool shed behind a house. My FAFSA mainly went to keep my vehicle legal and supply me with gas money to school. My grade point average as of now is 4.0! I enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College in Business courses since Spring 2012. I would have gone for an AA and possibly continued onto a 4 year college, but instead had to go for my Small Business Management Certificate because I would not receive continued Federal Funding due to the criteria. I had attended the junior college in the 70’s and 80’s as a single mom and had problems keeping up in school during those years. I will receive my certificate upon completing another 9 units of business courses. I saved the hardest for last because I had been out of school for so many years. I may have to spread them out over 2 semesters, if possible, because there is alot of math involved. It is extremely rare to find a job giving colonics. I will have to start my own business. My credit is poor since I lived off of 2 credit cards for awhile when I had no income. I have approx. $7,000 in debt. This schooling is my only hope. Please let me know if I am eligible for any scholarships. I was 1!! day late to sign up for scholarships through my college! I did not know other scholarships besides the Federal were available to me. Thank you for viewing this rather lengthy bio. Actually writing this out has helped me put all this into perspective so that I might apply wherever possible, hoping I am not too late for next semester. I know I will also have to apply for grants to get business started, as well. Thank you very much from someone who really has no resources at the moment. But, I do have faith!
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