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Today we bring you an important update from our native team in Nepal. In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake that occurred in last April, traffickers have been exploiting the devastation to snatch thousands of women for brothels and labor sweatshops across Asia. The earthquake left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, mainly in poor rural communities. Tragically, criminal gangs have been taking advantage of people’s desperation by masquerading as relief workers in the chaos left by the earthquake. And now these dangerous men are using new tactics, luring the girls with the exciting promise of good jobs in places like Dubai and Kuwait. The word has somewhat effectively spread about the trafficking scams in India, but there is not enough awareness yet about these fake job offers in the gulf states, so the girls’ families are being deceived.

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Photo: Teenage girls in a remote Nepali village attend our trafficking awareness workshop; they are trained in how to spot, avoid and report traffickers.

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We are happy to report that three women (ages 18-23) recently graduated from our ‘She Has Hope’ trafficking rehabilitation home in Nepal. These woman are planning to start their own tailoring businesses in their home villages. We expect that with their newly acquired skills, they will be very successful in their new ventures. One such example of a success story is that of Chandra who started her tailoring business six months ago in her native village in the Nuwakot district. She is now making 5,000 Nepali Rupees monthly, well above the national average wage of 3,200 Rupees. She gets 10-15 customers per week who make requests for new handmade clothing as well as clothing repair work. Chandra’s success is the fulfillment of our goal to equip girls enrolled at the ‘She Has Hope’ home with everything they need to know to stand on their own, healed and full of hope.