got me a program and got me in line for getting sober‛ ..

I agree that getting scared is just playing their game (they want us *to think in their terms* in order to somehow get to their aims more easily) and I am the first not to want to get scared.

AA is effective at getting drunks sober

§ 11. That our ranking and distinguishing natural substances into species, consists in the nominal essences the mind makes, and not in the real essences to be found in the things themselves, is farther evident from our ideas of spirits. For the mind getting, only by reflecting on its own operations, those simple ideas which it attributes to spirits, it hath, or can have no other notion of spirit, but by attributing all those operations, it finds in itself, to a sort of beings, without consideration of matter. And even the most advanced notion we have of God is but attributing the same simple ideas which we have got from reflection on what we find in ourselves, and which we conceive to have more perfection in them, than would be in their absence; attributing, I say, those simple ideas to him in an unlimited degree. Thus having got, from reflecting on ourselves, the idea of existence, knowledge, power, and pleasure, each of which we find it better to have than to want; and the more we have of each, the better: joining all these together, with infinity to each of them, we have the complex idea of an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, infinitely wise and happy Being. And though we are told, that there are different species of angels; yet we know not how to frame distinct specific ideas of them; not out of any conceit that the existence of more species than one of spirits is impossible, but because having no more simple ideas (nor being able to frame more) applicable to such beings, but only those few taken from ourselves, and from the actions of our own minds in thinking, and being delighted, and moving several parts of our bodies, we can no otherwise distinguish in our conceptions the several species of spirits one from another, but by attributing those operations and powers, we find in ourselves, to them in a higher or lower degree; and so have no very distinct specific ideas of spirits, except only of God, to whom we attribute both duration, and all those other ideas with infinity; to the other spirits, with limitation. Nor as I humbly conceive do we, between God and them in our ideas, put any difference by any number of simple ideas, which we have of one, and not of the other, but only that of infinity. All the particular ideas of existence, knowledge, will, power, and motion, &c. being ideas derived from the operations of our minds, we attribute all of them to all sorts of spirits, with the difference only of degrees, to the utmost we can imagine, even infinity, when we would frame, as well as we can, an idea of the first being; who yet, it is certain, is infinitely more remote, in the real excellency of his nature, from the highest and perfectest of all created beings, than the greatest man, nay purest seraph, is from the most contemptible part of matter; and consequently must infinitely exceed what our narrow understandings can conceive of him.

Getting Sober Wasn't Easy—But It Taught Me Some Pretty Cruci

Something to do with the comparative difficulty of getting tanks and troops en masse over the Channel, maybe?

I won't ever know how to thank yall, but this internet blobby ma jig will help me get an A++ in my social science and history class I'm taking and the university of houston. I'm 58 years old, and never though i would ever get into univestity. I have worked at the blue bell ice cream factory right down here in good ol texas in amarica for the past 28 years. Now all of a sudden some 30 year old executive b$ch, squeuez my friench.. the company i work for is going to revoke my retirement if i don't get the credentials required for my position at the plant. If i would have known that, i would have keep my old job drilling, and mining my own business. I only have 2 years left to get the full retierment. I'm a firm believer in you get what you give... hell.. live and let live. it could be a lot worse... any one of use could die in a terrorist attack at any givin moment. yeah you might probably have a higher chance of getting killied in iran, or oklahoma city or new york. but i'm not worried about no terrorists.... i think they are weak and a bunch of pussies. it's the terrorists kids you have to worry about... they'll strap them up with tnmt, and the little girls with plastic exposes and blow up the people at a shopping mall or pedestrians walking throught the street at lunch or something. blows my mind. i should of strapped explosives on my son a long time ago... hell, he thinks he's the vigina terrorist. when i was your ages you could beat your kid enough that he would want to suicide bomb himself... or at least me that is. now kids will have tough texas laywers that have their bars n all, and you'll end up having to pay more money when you're trying to make a living. people think terrorists bomb the world trade just for pure terrorism... i think there was another reason. i bet some military americans hurt innocent arabs at one time.. now their kids are so pissed they never lived it up. they end up killing your kids kids. anyway it's not my job to save the world, I am a student now continuing education. I'll start with saving my retierment or else i'll be working at the ice cream factory for the rest of my life. Am I allowed to cite your citations for my homework? I won't no how to pay you, but, i can get any one a cold bear at NICs sports bar. looks like i'm going to be hanging out here at the one close to campus quite often. they've got free wireless internet so i can do my homework.. they don't have internet where i live yet.