George Orwell A Nice Cup Of Tea Essay

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of a nice cup of tea, george orwell's celebrated essay in which he sets out 11 golden rules for making tea the 'correct' way

Some tips on tea from George Orwell's essay, ..

It was to revolutionise the tea industry, and today 96 per cent of all tea sold in Britain is in tea bag form.

George Orwell offered sensible advice to make the 2oz ration go as far as possible
Rationing by no means diminished the British enthusiasm for tea.

A Comment on George Orwell’s Essay: ‘Nice Cup of Tea.’

Apr 17, 2010 · An analysis of the George Orwell essay " A Nice Cup of Tea"

From the terrifyingly prophetic to the witty and satirical, it seems George Orwell was never one short of a discussion topic. As one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, he not only tackled issues of social injustice and his hatred of totalitariniasm, but also how to make the perfect cup of tea. A staunch supporter of all things British, Orwell wrote this essay in 1947 to correct those who put their milk in the saucer first, and (god forbid) taint it with a spoonful of sugar. Follow his steps and you'll never make a dodgy brew again…