Below are some sample classification essay topics:

One should start writing by a brief statement about the topic chosen. This is known as the topic sentence which aims to brief up the reader what the essay deals with. It should be presented in an interesting way so as to attract the attention of the reader.

In a classification essay, a writer organizes, or sorts, things into categories.

There can be longer essays than this as there might be topics requiring a longer discussion but the basic structure remains the same. There can be alterations in the number of paragraphs used in the body of the essay but the introduction and conclusion is a must.

Tools of the Trade: Subjects and Verbs

Ex: Tourists in Hawaii can enjoy three water sports: snorkeling, surfing, and sailing.

This is a stage where you need to get attention of your readers. The adopted thesis should be one statement that is specific and captures the essence of the main topic and main ideas. You can achieve this by using a famous quote, anecdote, rhetorical question or an . Another option is by providing the background information that may guide the reader to an idea on the write-up.

But what happens if any of those plans get rained on?

You may want to edit the thesis as you write. This may be more pronounced when the ideas are still in the stage of changing and evolving. However, at the end of the essay writing, you will need to ascertain that the content, introduction and thesis are all aligned.

Write about a time when your plans changed.

You would then embark on a thesis statement. This can be derived from the conclusion of your research (while using the sources). This should be a simple, precise and concise statement.

Sometimes events occur that are out of your control.

The body paragraph of the essay should consist of the paragraphs that move from general to specific information. After reviewing literature and pre-writing stage of the essay, you will be in a position to determine how many paragraphs would be sufficient. Ideally, three paragraphs of evidentiary content, which supports the conclusion, would be enough.

What changes have taken place for you lately?

An expository essay definition and structure give an idea on how to create expository essay outline. Although the majority of students are aware of the importance of outlining an essay, many keep neglecting this stage of preliminary work. However, your essay needs a proper outline most of all. It can be explained by the fact that, in this essay, the arguments have to be very straightforward and there is no opportunity for an to ramble on them. Let"s presume that you have picked teen cigarette smoking as your topic. Here is how you write an outline for these essays:

We race against time, against other people, against ourselves.

Rephrasing the statement: Our society has made a significant step towards the overall healthy lifestyle, which made it possible to reduce smoking among teenagers.