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What are the social causes and consequences of social networks across society and time? My scholarly work connects and contributes to three specialty areas: social networks, medical sociology, and social stratification. I investigate three major research themes: how social networks produce inequalities in health and well-being, how social networks generate social stratification, and how social forces stratify social networks. The network-based concepts I analyze include accessed status (network members’ status), social capital, social support, social integration, reference group, social comparison, social cohesion, and tie strength. The social stratifiers I study include age, gender, race/ethnicity, SES, and class. The major well-being outcomes I examine include health, health information search, life satisfaction, lifestyle, body weight, and genetic privacy. Link to my and

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I am also interested in political sociology, Asia and Asian American studies, and immigration.Josef (Kuo-Hsun) MaM.A., 2007, Sociology, National Taiwan University
B.A., 2005, Sociology, National Taipei University
Research Interests:Comparative Sociology (foci: Global Economy & Politics, Global Inequality & Poverty, Immigration), Sociology of Education (foci: Stratification, School Contexts, Digital Inequality), Sociology of the Family (foci: Life Course, Intergenerational Relationships, Gender, East Asia), Quantitative Methods (foci: Multilevel Models; Categorical Analysis; Methods for Panel and Longitudinal)My research focus on student internet use and educational outcomes in cross-national comparative perspective, global inequality in digital use, and adolescent sexual behaviors. My dissertation compares students’ digital learning (i.e., computer use for schoolwork, search for information on the Internet, etc.) across rich and poor countries, with a focus on the role of national context and educational policy in determining the quantity and quality of digital usage. I have articles in the following publications; Social Forces, International Sociology, Sociological Forum, and the Journal of Taiwan Studies. I am currently a Research Assistant in the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, where I process survey datasets and polls from the 1940s to 2000s in the data archive department. In addition to my research, I teach courses in Sociology of Education, the Developing World, Social Problems, and Introduction to Sociology.Nikki McGaryM.A., 2010, Sociology, University of Connecticut
M.A., 2006, Social and Cultural Anthropology, California Institute of Integral Studies
B.A., 2003, English and Women’s Studies, University of ConnecticutResearch Interests:Gender, Sexuality, Law and SocietyMy research focuses on the judicial bypass procedure for mandatory parental involvement laws for pregnant minors in order to assess the complex relationship between pregnant minors and the state.Greg MillsM.A., 2012, Sociology, University of South Florida
B.A., 2006, Sociology, Texas A&M UniversityResearch Interests:Stratification and Inequality, Opportunity Structures, Education, Residential Segregation, Immigration, Quantitative MethodsMy academic interests revolve around social stratification, inequality, and mobility, and the institutional contexts that facilitate these processes.

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