It’s tough to prove gender bias.

If conservative white males were to silence a secular women's rights campaigner from Somalia, it would be proof of the Republican Party's "war on women," or the encroaching Christian fundamentalist theocracy, or just plain old...

“Despite many improvements in the status of women there are still many inequalities:

In the workplace, women are frequently subjected to subtle discrimination by both sexes. Qualified women may be passed over for promotions because they become pregnant or because they might become pregnant (gender discrimination.) Jobs may be offered to a less qualified male applicant just because he is male.

· Two thirds of people in the world who cannot read are female.

· Nearly seventy percent of the world's poorest people are female.

A "person of interest" is thus now free of the prejudicial overtones that "suspect" is taking on and so can be expected to come into increasing use with the original meaning of "suspect."One may consider that "suspect" should be used in all cases instead of "perpetrator" because it is only that a crime has been committed in the first place.

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However, to the extent that actual rape charges are discredited, and the principles used in college "discipline" proceedings are countermanded by actual courts, feminists run the risk of the whole business being marked up as "hysteria," unfortuately with its original meaning as a mental disorder of women -- who are afflicted by possessing a womb, , , in Greek.

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And, although there sexual assaults and rapes on college campuses, there are far fewer than the narrative of the bogus "rape culture" asserts, and the proper response to them is the police, not "student discipline" in kangaroo courts.

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The modern accusations of rape, when often by confused or dishonest young women, thus begin to look like a classic case of a "witch hunt." While the narrative about witch trials is generally that it was the patriarchy oppressing independent women, that doesn't quite square with the Salem case, where girls were the accusers and both women and men were accused.

Her looks reflected her convictions.

It is now a moral axiom in Feminism that "No means no," while it is clear from this that McFarlane's "No" often meant "Yes." The axiom became a cause amid aggitation over "date rape," when a woman might find herself at the mercy of an aggressive dater, who might coerce or force her into sex, or even drug her so that she wouldn't remember whether she had had sex at all ("roofied" with Rohypnol).

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Twenty people were executed, women and men, mostly by hanging, but one man died from stones being put on his chest to coerce a plea, which he refused to make, and died.