Regular and child wide ruled paper.

Grammar checkers are also very good at picking up on passive verb constructions. Frequently, a sentence will be improved and your meaning will be more clear, more forceful, if you replace passive constructions with active verbs. But not always. Review the section on to see those uses of the passive that are appropriate. If you've used the passive construction in an appropriate way, leave it alone, no matter what your grammar checker says.

Fun paper can be used to write special notes and letters or just for doodling.

There are a number of beginning writing activities you can provide for your child to help him develop beginning writing skills. Remember, drawing, painting and scribbling are all early forms of writing. Providing plenty of opportunities for these activities will provide your child with the muscle skills as well as the desire to write when the time comes.

Kids can never have an excuse not to practice their writing skills.

Print colored border paper or black and white border paper you can color yourself.

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Teach students the fundamentals by using these quick minilessons.

In this lesson, athletics, aesthetics, and poetics intersect in new ways as developing literacy learners experiment together with the forms of language.

Explore a unit of study through these engaging multiweek lessons.

Was the Big Bad Wolf really all that bad? This lesson encourages students to analyze multiple viewpoints, view texts from different angles, and recognize gaps in narrative.

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Students should design some form of original research appropriate to their topics, but they do not necessarily have to conduct the experiments or surveys they propose. Depending on the appropriateness of the original research proposals, the time involved, and the resources available, you may prefer to omit the actual research or use it as an extension activity.

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Checking Literature Review entries on the same day is best practice, as it gives both you and the student time to plan and address any problems before proceeding. Note that in the finished product this literature review section will be about six paragraphs, so students need to gather enough facts to fit this format.

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Students need to bring their articles to this session. For large classes, have students highlight relevant information (as described below) and submit the articles for assessment before beginning the session.

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Prior to this session, you may want to introduce or review Internet search techniques using the lesson . You may also wish to consult with the school librarian regarding subscription databases designed specifically for student research, which may be available through the school or public library. Using these types of resources will help to ensure that students find relevant and appropriate information. Using Internet search engines such as Google can be overwhelming to beginning researchers.