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We can be fairly certain therefore that Florence Nightingale would not have welcomed any publication of the different versions of Cassandra. Indeed, when Benjamin Jowett, Master of Balliol College, Oxford - and a man who may have been briefly a suitor - guessed at the close autobiographical inspiration that lay behind the piece, and suggested that she herself was Cassandra, the cursed prophetess of Greek myth, Nightingale baulked at the identification.

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Bruner, Jerome. "Florence Nightingale." Spartacus Schoolnet. No date. > (10 November 2005).
This site is directed towards a younger audience and contains a good biography with a bibliography. There are links to important terms throughout the text, which are very helpful. There is also a good deal of information comparing Nightingale to another early pioneer in nursing, Mary Seacole. The site has a page containing classroom activities comparing the two. This is a good web site for teachers looking for interesting ways to bring Nightingale into the classroom.

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Cohen, Bernard I. "Florence Nightingale." Sociology 208 - STATISTICS FOR SOCIOLOGISTS
Professor François Nielsen Fall 2002. > (10 November 2005).

This is a scanned version of an article (Cohen, I. B. "Florence Nightingale," , 250 (March 1984),128-137) located on Professor François Nielsen's page for his fall 2002 class Sociology 208 - Statistics for Sociologists. This is a scholarly article that focuses on Nightingale's charts and statistics, with pictures. The emphasis of the article is on her findings, but it is written in a style that is easy for most readers to understand. There are several copies of her different styles of charts, along with explanations on how she used or improved them during her work.

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O'Connor, J. J. and Robertson, E. F. "Florence Nightingale." The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. October 2003. > (10 November 2005). This page is sponsored by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. It is an excellent, detailed review of her life that focuses on her accomplishments in mathematics. This page contains several good references and quotes. There is also a page full of pictures of Miss Nightingale that span her life and include a bust made of her, as well as a map that shows her birthplace.

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McDonald, Joseph. "Country Joe McDonald's Tribute to Florence Nightingale." > (10 November 2005).
This site was written by a musician who was inspired by his interest in nursing during the Vietnam war. It was last updated in 2003, so while it is becoming a little dated, the site still contains some useful information. The page is organized around a timeline of Nightingale's life. It talks about her accomplishments and how the medical field has benefited from her work. There are links to pictures and other sources, and the site includes a chat room. While everything on the page seems accurate, it is a personal web site, so it wouldn't be advisable to use this page if you are looking for scholarly information.

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"A Selection of Letters Written by Florence Nightingale." University of Kansas Medical Center. January 2001. /> (10 November 2005).
This site by the University of Kansas Medical Center contains 39 letters that Nightingale wrote during her life. This includes transcriptions of the letters as well as scans of the original documents that the school holds in its collection. They are organized alphabetically as well as chronologically, and there is a well written explanation of how the letters have been transcribed for the internet. Many letters also include notes on who she is writing to and why they are of importance. This is a useful site for gathering firsthand information about her life, and it also includes several links to other sites.