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- A concert film documentary captured during the critically acclaimed tour of Europe by Antony and the Johnsons and Charles Atlas during the fall of 2006, it explores the heart and experience of that series of performances. Through its synthesis of Antony’s songs and Atlas' unfurling video portraiture of the 13 women who performed on stage, TURNING is an intimate and cinematic journey exploring themes of identity, transcendence, and the revelation of a revolutionary feminine essence.

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Of course, you are stereotyping massively if and when you try to describe 'femininity'. But I'll give it a go: 'Femininity is about empathy, calmness, an inner confidence and self-belief.' Oh dear, that sounds a bit w*nky. I could sit here for the next few minutes, hours, perfecting that, rewriting it, but I get the feeling whatever I come up with will be shot down by a) the cynical journalist in me and b) you, the reader.

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Gender Matters is a collection of various essays on feminist linguistic texts analysis, by Sara Mills.

While man has, in the past, assented to the notion of giving, he has still taken. But woman does not take without feeling that she must return in kind many times over. Man has sought perfection for his race through dominance and has found his happiness and fulfilment lacking; and so, having wandered into every avenue of masculine dominance that he could try, he has come to a certain realization that he must also attribute to himself something of the gentler aspects of the human race, those which are normally associated with the feminine characteristics such as sacrifice, tender care, compassion and unconditional forgiveness.

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Elisa intially reacts to each situation as a man would, but is forever reminded that she is a woman. When her husband, Henry, comments about her "strong" chrysanthemum crop, Elisa is pleased by the manliness the word implies, but her husband reminds her of her femininity by offering her an evening on the town. After this conversation with her husband, she goes back to her masculine role of transplanting the flowers.

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However, in their attempt to characterize femininity and being feminine as more than just the conventional image of a gentle, soft-spoken girl in a pretty dress, they instead ended up giving the movie a sexually charged feeling.

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The essay addresses the transformation of Behn into a feminist icon by later writers, especially Bloomsbury Group member Virginia Woolf in her novella/essay .