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How well do they achieve their intended purpose?
Keep these questions in mind as we explore the exemplification essay.
An exemplification essay uses examples to show, explain, or prove a point.
The key to writing a good exemplification essay is to use
enough detailed and specific examples to get the point across.
Examples should appeal to readers and help them
understand the main point of your essay
Exemplification provides clarity by making the general more specific
Exemplification helps writers show, rather than tell.
Examples enable readers to see how the idea exists in the real world
From the examples you use, readers can understand and grasp the idea you are trying to explain
Use transition words and phrases to connect your example and the point you are making
"For example..."
"For instance..."
"To illustrate..."
"A case in point..."
"Mike is an unsafe driver."
For Example...
He does not stay in his lane
He runs stop signs
He speeds
When writing an exemplification essay, you must keep balance in your writing.
The number of examples you use is key:

If you use too few examples, you have not clarified your generalization.

f you use too many examples, it becomes overkill.
Writers should either choose a few examples and expand on each in its own paragraph, or use several examples and group them into paragraphs based on similarities.
Use persuasive examples that will make your readers believe that what you're saying is reasonable and worth considering.
Use examples that explain and clarify.

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A traditional essay takes the form of five paragraphs: an introduction, where the thesis is presented; three body paragraphs, where the thesis is supported with evidence; and a conclusion, where the evidence is brought together, showing that the thesis has been proven. In a shorter essay, the body may be only one paragraph. Therefore it is essential to provide concrete examples from the key phrases of a . Developing the middle paragraph in an essay has been the most important lesson gleaned from the essay writing exercises. Without substance to an essay, the thesis is weak and unproven.

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You need to tell the reader what to do with your examples.
Giving examples
is a key step in writing
an exemplification essay
Use a variety of specific,
detailed examples that
appeal to your readers
and helps them understand
your main point.
Effective examples add vitality to your writing and make your essay stand out.
There are three different types
of examples that one could use!
These examples appear rather frequently
within the essay, and they usually function
as concrete examples of straightforward ideas.

Quick List: No real explanation, just ideas.
Semi-detailed: Examples with a sentence or two of explanation.
These examples contain more detail.