I liked reading your response, and thought I’d add my two penneth! The problem with all the known symptoms of most neurological as well mental health difficulties is that they are all similar. Each label has a set criteria of symptoms which are the same, but in different varying amounts.
For example:
A child who is abused and neglected will develop relationships problems, is highly anxious and often have behavioural problems. Similarly a child on the spectrum, could present with the same set of behaviours! As backgrounds are not routinely sought at assessment, many children are wrongly diagnosed, and their needs remain unaddressed. The point I’m making is being on the Specrum is just a label. It defines a set of behaviours!


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There are, however, a few things about me that do not fit the Asperger “norm”. For example, I believe my face is very animated when I talk. I also have a lot of inflexion in my voice. I smile and laugh a lot, and make other people laugh. In addition, I am happy to let people hug me – at least I think I am … I do not hug people, but I let them hug me. I do hug my husband, though. And my kids. I suppose I become aware of body contact when it occurs, but I don’t feel very adverse against it – I’m just aware of it.

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My name is Scarlett and I am a 13 year old girl turning 14 this year. My father has Asperges, my brother has Autism and apparently my mum is suspected to have Asperges.
I decided that since my chance of having Asperges DNA wise is quite high I decided to take this test.
Bewarn I only took it once and I got the score of 27.
My mother (who has worked with children who have Autism) tells me I have “Asperges Traits”. I assume thod fact because growing up in a family that had either mild Asperges to Autism.
What I find is that my mother could be right, like for example: I can socialize very well although I don’t like making new friends. I can give something a go as long as it doesn’t stress me out (I get stressed out very easily and will end up crying if I make a small mistake).