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Stories collected in were sometimessplit into two chapters in that book (abbreviated IJ below); I’veindexed both chapter titles here for completeness, but I treat theoriginal magazine story as a single unit.Please send corrections and additional information to.—Neil Midkiff
19 February 2018*

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Gregory Stock’s essay, The Enhanced and Un-Enhanced, presents otherwise by supporting the position of maximalist eugenics, allowing individuals the full extent in the selection of genes....

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As Brian stepped out onto science’s leading edge, he lost his standing, lost his relationships with colleagues such as Sagan and O’Neill, and eventually lost his well-paying career. In late-life interviews, Brian said that if he knew what he was in for, he would have kept sipping sherry in his soft berth at Princeton. I know the feeling, but his willingness to explore the unknown made him an astronaut, and is what made him a great man in my eyes. All the great ones that I have encountered made immense personal sacrifices to pursue the truth and help humanity and Earth heal, from to . Brian felt guilty when pumping gasoline into his car. It is that nagging conscience, and acting from it, that made them great.