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It is by the way not rare to talk about the ‘chains of love.’

As a conclusion, we might say that constraints are present everywhere in Ethan’s life: the lack of money, the sickness, the oppressive landscape, his problems with communicating, and so on, and it is easily understandable that all those things represent a huge pressure on Mattie and the Fromes, particularly on Ethan in his relation with Mattie.

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I will discuss the following problems, explaining how they relate to each character and what makes them pertinent to the theme of ‘prisoners’ in the novel: the Fromes’ lack of money; Zeena’s sickness and how she uses it to pressure Ethan; Starkfield and the landscape and its surroundings; Ethan’s difficulties in communicating; and finally his marriage with Zeena and his love for Mattie, which represent a constraint for Ethan as well.

Money is probably the biggest physical constraint (not to mention the psychological ones, yet).