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When a California law professor goes to Cuba and finds "ecotopia," precisely because of the poverty into which Communism has plunged the country, we have a very curious reversal on the failures of Communism and a striking point of alliance between environmentalists and unreconstructed Communists.

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On the basis of examples drawn from her own research in Central and Eastern European history before and after the collapse of Communism, Sonia Combe pointed out at this event how eyewitness accounts can improve our knowledge and understanding of history. Memory does not bring only emotion to the historical narrative as most academic historians claim. It is more reliable than admitted. Most importantly, some historical explanations cannot be found in public records or archives. They can be traced only to the gleanings of memory. Scholars of contemporary history are confronted with a major turn in their profession: they must take into consideration all available eyewitness accounts (interviews, autobiographies, memoirs) and even historical documentary films based on testimonies that are becoming the main way of transmitting history for the general public. Professional historians no longer have monopoly on the Writing of History.

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Few realized that the socialist approaches of the New Deal and of earlier Progressivism were discredited along with Lenin and Stalin.

What Negri and Hardt want is a fantasyland version of Marxism in which the Soviet Union was "in fact...a society crisscrossed by extremely strong instances of creativity and freedom." Perhaps this is why no art of note, except for novelists who were then suppressed, was produced after the 1920's in the Soviet Union, and nothing significant invented outside of the Soviet military sector (of which, of course, the space program, which never did get to the Moon, was a part).

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Few in the West today would identify themselves publically or self-consciously as Communists (though some do, like the recent of New Jersey, Amiri Baraka, who sees no hope for the United States outside a "" political party), but a large body of leftists and even advocates of "liberal" opinion, when taken together, can more or less be reassembled into Soviet attitudes and policies.

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["And thence came forth to see again the stars."]With exquisite irony, just as the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Empire fell in the years 1989-1991, American 60's radicals, who were essentially Communist sympathizers, were completing their takeover of American higher and other "circles," as the Soviets used to say, of the American intelligentsia.