– Mandatory condom use with condom seal of approval

4) When they knowingly make their pornography accessible to minors, or in any way knowingly share, show, provide, or distribute pornography to minors, or in any way fail to take required legal action to prevent access to their pornography by minors when it is legally their responsibility to do so.

– Film rating system based on set safety criteria

Since 1985, when HIV testing became readily available, all donated blood and organs in the United States and many other countries has been routinely checked for HIV. Donated blood is tested for HIV in two ways – by detecting if the blood contains antibodies against HIV, and detecting if the blood contains genetic material from the virus. Any blood, blood products, or organs which test positive are safely disposed of and are never used for transfusion procedures. Unfortunately, some people who are newly infected with HIV will test negative. Because of this, blood and organ donors are also screened for their inherent risk factors (how likely they are to become HIV-positive even if they are not currently) and prevented from donating if they are found to be at too high of a risk. If a donor’s blood tests positive, he/she will be notified, and prevented from making further donations. Since the procedures for taking blood donations are regulated with high safety, there is no risk for acquiring HIV by giving blood.

– STD testing paid for by the industry

– Education and training of all workers and employees

NOTE: We understand and respect that those who campaign in favor of Obscenity prosecutions and those who carry them out are usually acting with the best of intentions, and we also believe that anti-pornography activists who take a strong stand against Obscenity law and/or Obscenity prosecutions usually have the best of intentions as well. We do not oppose or take issue with any individuals, groups, or organizations who take either of those positions, (as a result of their taking that position), and we hope that those who take a different position on this issue than we do can respect our right to engage in our activism as our own conscience and experience dictate, while we respect their right to do the same in return. We also hope that all activists will choose to maturely focus on what we do agree on when interacting with each other, so that peace and harmony will prevail in the anti-pornography movement, which is in the best interests of the cause and everyone involved.

* (Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition) *Not for Sale Campaign

9) When they violate any OSHA workplace health and safety regulation during a pornographic production, including not using condoms or other proper barrier protection to prevent the transfer of blood-borne pathogens. (NOTE: Barrier protection to prevent the transfer of blood-borne pathogens is required by law in the United States for ALL workplaces, including the pornography industry. See )

(National Organization of Men Against Sexism ) * *

5) When they threaten, extort, blackmail, coerce or force anyone in any way to participate in any pornographic production for which they are responsible, or use a trafficked or enslaved individual in one of their productions.

* - College tour of an ex porn performer and an ex porn addict

Choosing to be mature enough to focus on fighting against the most active and worst oppressors of women and children in our society who are the pornographers, pimps, traffickers, and rapists, etc., rather then wasting time engaging in petty infighting with others who are also fighting against those oppressors, (because they don't happen to do their anti-pornography and/or anti-sexual exploitation activism with exactly the same approach that we do), does not mean that we or anyone else is "in bed with" "the Right" or anyone else. It just means that we care enough about the cause to put our time and energy on what is most important, rather than get distracted from our crucial goals by instead counter-productively fighting against others who are also working to combat sexual exploitation and abuse. Making such accusations of activists that they are "in bed with" others who may have different social and political views in regards to issues other than the harms of pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking, etc., is an age-old tactic of pro-pornography and pro-sex trade people who wish to divert our time and attention away from productive activism and towards unproductive infighting. We are wise enough to recognize this very tired and transparent tactic and do not fall for it. Instead we choose to behave as civil, polite, and mature adults towards others who are doing their best from their own perspective to fight against pornography and related social ills, even if we do not agree on every other position that those individuals may hold on every other social and political issue.

*Traffic Control, the Movie

Sexual contact with an HIV-positive partner is the most common route of HIV infection. During sexual activities. HIV-containing body fluids can enter the HIV-negative partner’s bloodstream through sores, cuts, or even unnoticeable breaks in the skin. This risk is increased when either partner has an additional sexually transmitted disease. Abstaining from sex is the best way to avoid HIV infection via sexual contact. If you choose to be sexually active, you should always wear a latex condom and make sure it is used correctly. For example, to prevent condom breakage use water-based lubrication and use a new condom for each sex act (this may include multiple sex acts with the same partner in the same night). Remember that condoms are the best way of preventing transmission of any STD, and are close, but not 100% effective in preventing HIV infection. Limiting the number of sexual partners will also decrease your risk of HIV contraction if you are sexually active. Another key to combating this epidemic is being aware of your HIV status and that of your partners before you engage in sexual activities. Communication cannot be stressed enough. If you are sexually active, make it your responsibility to get tested and to ask about the HIV status of your partners. Testing is the only way to know if you or a partner is HIV-positive.