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America's Most Wanted Magazine,Nov/Dec. 2000, By David C. Thelen. "More than fifty nonprofit child-findorganizations in the United States offer services to parents of missingand abducted children... Why don't parents of missing and abducted childrenknow about these organizations and services they offer? Why when a childis missing, are parents left to wonder where they can get help?"

The first reason a child should be treated with a medication is to control inattentiveness....

: 2003, Story by Liz Cerami Taylor (92) and photos by Chris Thelen. Article about David and Karen Thelen and their work at the Committee for Missing Children. The article was produced by their alma mater, Madison University in Harrinsonburg, Virginia.

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Children may have more chores and more responsibility for caring for themselves(Single Parents).

Children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should take medication as a part of treatment because it helps control the associated side effects of inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

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This policy limits all families in the Republic of China to have only one child, regardless of the sex: however, within this policy there are some exceptions....

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ADHD is diagnosed as a condition that affects children and adults who exhibit “inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsive/compulsive behavior (CNN).

There are several types of missing children

This situation dramatically leads to various deteriorations in the child's progress in both of social and academic aspects.(Mayes,Bagwell and Erkulwater, 2009).

Geniet van Missing en andere series wanneer dat het jou uitkomt.

Time spent with parents is essential when dealing with children who have behavioral issues because parents or guardians may not have the funds or time to spend with their children due to other obligations needed to support the family.

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It wasn’t until I spent my time volunteering as a paraprofessional in a fourth grade classroom that I felt I truly understood the weight that the number of ADHD diagnosis’s were having on our nation’s children....

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Yes, We are FindingChildren: Buyer's Quarterly, January/February, March 1995. By DavidC. Thelen. Depicts several children that we featured in our photo distributionprograms. Describes several of the photo programs developed by the Committeefor Missing Children.