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To placate Canadians who feared the return of the Depression after the war and who looked to the government for greater social security, King introduced in 1940, and his reconstruction program, based on , included family allowances and proposals for health insurance.

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Following the blaze, the two-storey structure was described as a total loss. Nevertheless, archaeologists suspect ample evidence of the building remain underground since 1850s contractors would simply have rebuilt on top of the charred rubble. Since the 1920s, the site has been a paved parking lot.

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On the 28th of August, 1861, the little Scot entered a deep coma and towards evening died. Beside him was his Bible in which he had circled, Mackenzie's voice was heard and his contribution to our history heralded by Canadians. Not the least of his pride as a printer would be the knowledge that his Queenston home is today an honoured historic site which houses the Canada's largest operating printing museum. How proud and pleased the constant crusader would have been to know that he helped steer Canadian history in a new direction, that his name is a proud part of our country's heritage, and that his grandson, William Lyon Mackenzie King, became the longest-serving prime minister of a great country called Canada.

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Although a dauntless campaigner who in public was perpetually in motion, Mackenzie suffered black depressions in private. The tormented tribune for disaffected colonists led a lonely life filled with heartbreak and depression. But while he was often bloodied, his head was never bowed. One of his most praiseworthy qualities was his perseverance in the face of frustration and fierce opposition. he urged his son, He maintained that unyielding temperament even to the last.

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For nearly thirty years Mackenzie had fought for a principle at the price of poverty, imprisonment and exile, destitute of all but hope, faith in the right and belief in himself. After eleven years as an outlaw in the United States - he was the last of the rebels to be pardoned - he returned to the city of which he was the first mayor reaching Toronto in March 1849. In spite of his 13-year banishment his name and presence still worked magic with Ontario voters. Within a year of returning to the province from his long exile in the United States, he was elected to the Legislature by the ratepayers of Haldimand County. He gave his opponent, George Brown, the Grit's greatest leader and the founder of the a political thrashing in the process.