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From a famous food company (Del Monte, Chicken-of-the-Sea, Sees Candies) You will find an excellent summary of the foods of California in the /Andrew F.

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A big reason Kraft Foods has been so successful over the years is that they are always trying to remain current and creative when they market their products, and really have developed a firm grasp on their target markets.

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Although familiar with saltwater fishing, they stilldepended upon England for msot of their food supplies.

Dried meat and salted fish had fed American sailors, and these foods became a part of Hawaiian tradition--as pipikuala, the jerked beef that is broiled in tiny pieces and served with a sweet-sour cause, and as lomi lomi, thin fillets of salted salmon that some New Yorkers have described as better in its indigenous way than lox (smoked salmon) from their own favorite delicatessens.

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Famous for theirrich, tangy flavor...They are popular bakingingredients and have a much stronger flavor than the milder English walnuts...Pecan trees grew wild in Missouri and were a source offood for the Missouri Indians long before the white man came...Honey has been a part of Missouri history.

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The Indians taught the early settlers how to gather them in the forests and cook them...Their flavor is acombination of asparagus, broccoli, and artichokes."
---, Hilde Gabriel Lee [Howell Press:Charlottesville VA] 1992 Diner menus reflect favorite foods of local folks.

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Rather, local folklore tends to highlight the moreopulent saloon menu items, indicating that people from all walks of life enjoyed champagne and oysters, symbols of the boomtown'sostentatious wealth, in the community's drinking houses...Specialty businesses were described as "oyster saloon," and it is liekly that theexistence of such places, along with historical reports of miners dining on various delicacies, encouraged folklore centered on the splendor to be had in the community's saloons...A discussion of cuisine would not be complete without considering types of foods thatdid not survive the passage of time, such as cheese, bread, fruits, and is important to be aware that alldrinking houses, if they offered meals, served more than meat-based foods..."
---, Kelly J.

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Lousiana's French colonists became Spanish subjects only forty years after the settlement of New Orleans, and for another four decades, until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Spanish tastes prevailed among the ruling Creoloe cooks...The hurried traveler in Louisiana is apt to get the impression that all the best food is traditional French in style, but as careful preservation of ancient architcture in the Vieux Carre also makes clear--Spaniards left several kinds of permanent changes in gastronomy.