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There are many similarities between Emily and Hannibal. They both believe they are in control, they both are enormously dangerous (mostly because no one suspects they are), they are both members of an elite circle, and they both deal with homosexual issues. Hannibal is more violent than Emily, but they both represent different levels of functioning psychos. Hannibal is no more and no less crazy than Emily. Hannibal eats his victims, while Emily sleeps with hers for over forty years. If the two had ever met, they might have sickened each other.

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In reality, both Emily Grierson and Hannibal Lecter are not in control of their situations. For instance, Emily may not pay taxes in her town but in the end she does what her society wanted her to do; she just accomplishes it in her own psycho way. This idea is best stated by Judith Caesar who describes Emily's crime as "a bizarre literal enactment of precisely what the town wants her to do metaphorically when Homer Barron does not marry her" (7). Specifically, "they expect her to live with her dead memories and the ghost of her lover" (Caesar 7). Emily accomplishes the town's expectations, according to Caesar, "although not quite the way the town has expected" (7). Likewise, Hannibal has less control than he realizes. Hannibal may get into the head of Agent Starling when she visits, but he is still helping her. By helping Agent Starling, Hannibal is doing exactly what the FBI wants him to do. When the smoke from all of Hannibal's games and illusions clear, Buffalo Bill is caught. This is mainly thanks to Hannibal. Hannibal was never really in control; he did exactly what the FBI wanted him to do.

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Likewise, Hannibal deals with homosexuality. In the motion picture , it is one of the reasons behind his cannibalism. David Sundelson says that "Lecter's cannibalism expresses a wish to do what only women doto have another life inside his bodyand a primitive fantasy about how to satisfy that wish" (3). Furthermore, the killer that Hannibal is helping the FBI track down is described as "a reject for transsexual surgery" (Sundelson 6). Thus Hannibal and Emily deal with very similar problems.

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In William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily, the narrator begins by informing the audience that Emily Grierson has passed way. The narrator continues by reminiscing, revealing various events that took place in Emily's life. Ultimately, the narrator reveals a secret about Emily. After her funeral, Horner Barron (a love interest of Emilys) is discovered in an upstairs bedroom. Emily had murdered Horner approximately forty years before the discovery of his body at her funeral. The town is shocked by the evidence that Emily killed Horner. There is slight difference between Emily and the functioning psychos that invade our protected society today. Hannibal Lecter, for instance, is a flawless example of a functioning psycho. The similarities between Hannibal Lecter and Emily Grierson suggest that Emily was a functioning psycho.

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That this has no essential connection to righteousness we can see in persons who are polite but wicked (like Hannibal Lecter of ), or in persons who are rude but noble (like Mr.