First I will address the pros and cons of creation and evolution.

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The truth of creation verses evolution lay in Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism.

Yes, we know that the books supporting evolution contain much more information than two pictures. However, from this “foundation,” the authors only apply the facts in their books to “the theory of evolution model.” We are not aware of any public school text that mentions another model, like the Bible’s creation account. That is a primary reason for creating this page.

Creation versus evolution is a battle of different faiths.

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These fossils and others that span multiple layers reject and disprove the concept that geologic layers always represent long periods of time. Therefore “dating” fossils by the layer of earth they are found in (to support the theory of evolution) is not valid. We dismiss the fact that layers be laid down over time. We saying that the existence of layers in the earth does not prove the passage of any specific time. Further, we do know that fossils found in different layers can be deposited at essentially the same time.

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The praise, replete with superlatives, ranged from "elegant, enthralling, and provocative" to "clear, comprehensive, and very informative".1 From all appearances it intended to be the theory of evolution offered up to the common man for general consumption and enlightenment; it was what would put the evolution/creationism debate to rest once and for all.

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"Common developmental genetic mechanisms have been shown to underlie features that long were considered classic examples of convergent evolution."
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You may be wondering about radiometric (radioactive) dating, which we will examine next. However, you should know that scientists established the geologic time scale and assigned the ages of the fossils in those rock layers before radioactive dating was invented. In essence, the discussion of radioactive dating is a sophisticated way to divert people’s attention from the fact that there is no evidence to support the theory of evolution.

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: Wingless stick insects have re-evolved wings, perhaps many times.
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