The illness of Macbeth leading into evilness in him.

Banquo: Loyal friend of Macbeth. He bares witness to the initial prophecies made by the Three Witches. Though eager to learn his own destiny, Banquo serves as a counterpoint to how one deals with fate. Macbeth kills to reach his. Banquo is content to let destiny carve it's own path. Later killed to preserve Macbeth's status, he reappears as a ghost.

In this essay I will explore the ways in which Shakespeare contrasted good and evil in Macbeth.

Initially, in the first few scenes, Macbeth is seen as a hero, fighting for king and country, but soon he meets the evil witches who change him for the worse....

This essay will consider evil in its many guises in this tragedy.

Evil in Macbeth The good characters in Macbeth are less interesting than the evil ones.

In "Macbeth as the Imitation of an Action" Francis Fergusson describes the evil course of action within the drama: At this point there is the brief interlude with the Doctor.

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Fanny Kemble in “Lady Macbeth” asserts that Lady Macbeth died as a result of her evil acts: Lady Macbeth, even in her sleep, has no qualms of conscience; her remorse takes none of the tenderer forms akin to repentance, nor the weaker ones allied to fear, from the pursuit of which the tortured soul, seeking where to hide itself, not seldom escapes into the boundless wilderness of madness....

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“Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chaps and fixed his head upon our battlements.” (1.2.22) In Macbeth, Macbeth begins his evil decent after he meets the three witches who prophesize that he will be titled Thane of Cawdor.

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One of the play’s most important scenes is when Macbeth murders King Duncan, this scene is essential to the remainder of the play and how it unfolds....

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Malcolm & Donalbain: The two sons of King Duncan. Upon their father's death, they flee to avoid a similar fate. Donalbain heads to Ireland, whilst Malcolm heads to England where he hopes to build an army to take back the kingdom from the evil Macbeth.

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Lady Macbeth: Macbeth's wife. Her ambition for Macbeth's future rivals and arguably exceeds that of Macbeth's. She goads Macbeth to kill King Duncan when Macbeth hesitates. Later despite the appearance of calm, she becomes increasingly obsessed with the blood on her hands which no one else can see. A study of the apparent falsehood of denying ones conscience and feelings.