Internet censorship in china essay ..

Make any allusions to further research / direction of topic:
? Summarise all points made
? Conclude with potential moral and ethical dilemmas regarding internet censorship and freedom of expression.
? Briefly discuss current climate of Internet Censorship and posit a few hypothesis on the potential climate surrounding current and foreseen issues into the future.

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At present, the WikiLeaks case remains a compelling case for governments and civil societies to scrutinise and rethink about the way information is regulated and proliferated online.

Section 3: Essay Plan

Essay question: What are the pros and cons of Internet censorship on freedom of expression?


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Please also include a full reference/bibliography list at the end of the essay and cite all sources throughout using Harvard style referencing (including page numbers, author, date of publication etc).

Section 1: Research Question

Essay Question: Examine the pros and cons of Internet censorship on freedom of expression.

Primary Question: What effect does Internet censorship have upon freedom of expression?

Secondary Questions:

1) What is Internet censorship?
2) What are the reasons for and against Internet censorship?
3) What are the side effects of internet censorship?

4) How can internet censorship protect individuals?
5) How can Internet censorship limit individual freedoms?
6) Why would internet censorship be necessary or unnecessary in some situations?

Topic Words: Expression, Freedom, Censorship.

Directive Words: Examine.

Limiting Words: Internet, Expression.

Section 2: Annotated Bibliography

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