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A mobile phone ban would certainly be ignored. The only state that has a law banning cell phones while driving is New York and the New York Times says it is “widely ignored.” In addition, regulation could cancel out the safety benefits of having a phone in the car. When you’re stuck in traffic, calling to say you’ll be late can reduce stress and make you less prone to drive aggressively to make up lost time. There are over 3 million 911 calls per year from phones to report emergencies and dangerous situations. For persons driving alone at night, in bad weather, or on little-used highways—cell phones provide added security and a greater margin for error. Indeed, many people want a cell phone in their vehicle for safety reasons.

The use of cell phone while driving makes drivers to have less control of the vehicle.

While this is not realistic to think any parent would encourage their teen to drink and drive, it is something that one might as well tell them if you permit these children to talk on a cell phone while driving.

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Several individuals need to be constantly sending messages to their friends and family members with the use of a cellphone while driving.

Instead of legislation, a lot of educating could be used to teach drivers how to operate cell phones. There are also laws against reckless and careless driving; these laws need to be enforced before setting new laws. In the Louisiana Driver’s Guide Classes D and E, the reckless driving law reads “If you operate a vehicle in a criminally negligent or reckless manner you are committing a crime punishable by a fine and jail.” If you are crossing lanes and swerving while using a cell phone, then you are driving recklessly, which is a reason for a ticket or fine.
Cell phone makers argue that the problem is not the phones per se, but the people’s carelessness. They say that the solution is education, not legislation. The Cellular Telephone Industry Assessment, a Washington DC trade organization, declared the week of May 22-28 Wireless Safety Week, and through advertising it is urging phone users to make safety a priority. The cell phone industry has launched a campaign that encourages driver’s responsibility. Most cell phone manufacturers include hands-free options, headsets and voice-activated dialing.
Restrictions on using phones while driving have been proposed in 34 states over the past five years with no result. Legislators know that you cannot pass a bill that regulates common sense. Unless we have more actuate evidence, bills will not pass and if this bill pass, it would only be the beginning with cell phones as distractions.

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With Florida being one of only 15 States that have not implemented a ban on using cell phones and texting while driving, I choose to write my letter to Congressman Bill Young, who represents the 10th Congressional District, which covers the majority of Pinellas County....

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The Senate wasn’t the only thing that passed through Maryland legislation last week. “Jake’s Law” was proposed after a Maryland driver crashed into a vehicle carrying five year old, Jake Owen, while talking on his cell phone. The accident resulted in the tragically early death of Owen. Because of the laws in place for cell phone usage and negligent driving, the man was only fined $1,000. He was also charged with vehicular manslaughter, but was not convicted.