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Abuse of electronic surveillance/monitoring. The employers own (hire) some powerful authorities in central office and quick seconds’ access to the in local offices along with security guards their buildings. Once any baseless suspicion is created, it gives power to a group of numerous people to be on guard against the innocent victim and among these callers can some hidden criminals who become powerful to offend the innocent due to monitoring. The clerical staff is well equipped to spread authorities and security guards as quick as possible, as often as necessary and for unlimited period of time against this innocent victim, perhaps due to interest of some office employees for gossip, due to ill will of some, benefit or they are hiding something of their own. There is always an indirect threat of dismissal, not giving slight bonus money by saying, “sin” ?????, preventing promotion by calling …. Those who are her friends are whispered as if she will be falsely ARRESTED?????? Why all this - just because of the power to have higher ones ready against her wherever they want. We do have surplus of these people and many investigators need business so they have to disseminate personal and private information though genuine so that they can prove that they spent time in investigation otherwise how they will prove. The employer does not confidentiality law not to share an employee’s personal information to anyone else. They enjoy her harm, her disrespect, and defamation.

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Obama s final State of the Union address drew his smallest The New York Times George W Bush s First Inaugural Address

This issue is almostly entirely political. The bottom line is when the feds are tipped off to phone calls that involve an attack, the feds need to immediately investigate the calls, and calls on other phones they may switch to, regardless of physical location of the phone or the caller's citizenship. Nearly everyone approves of *that* when a genuine military attack is involved. What's the wording of a law that allows that? Beats me.

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Bush has given evidence that he doesn't believe he has to obey the law when doing so would interfere with his "war on terror." Spying on Americans without judicial oversight? Torturing prisoners in foreigh jails? Declaring Americans to be "enemy combatants" and holding them indefinitely without trial? Sorry, all necessary to fight the terrorists. I fear that it wouldn't take much more than another catastrophic terrorist attack to bring out the very worst in Bush and his administration. And I fear that too many of my fellow Americans would be perfectly willing to surrender their liberties in exchange for false assurances of protection and security.

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Even though we have a system of checks and balances, this system only works if all the players agree to follow the rules. What power does the judiciary have, except to issue legal rulings? What power does the legislature have, other than to make laws? Ultimately it's up the executive branch to enforce those laws and those rulings. They're the guys with the guns. Even if Congress were to impeach Bush and vote to remove him from office, who would enforce it if Bush were to refuse to leave? He is, after all, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

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Thematic statement/ central ideas: A uniform national gun policy is necessary because the gun policies vary from state to state, the lack of a policy allows innocent death, and costs the public money.

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- do you think it is acceptable to make a distinction between the right to privacy (and unfortunately other rights) of human beings based on their nationality ? (or color, or religions, or sex or ...)