A group of about 50 poetry loving people attended.

He used to be in the Reptilian Army. Now he's a helper of Brian. He's the same rank as Brian and therefore revealed that Brian is also part of the Reptilian Army. He exposed his female reptilian companion and Brian, and now both of them rejected him. So Ettissh is now Brian's enemy.

Members read from their work including some from their recent Silk City Anthology book.

E - attached to our space stations — We're sending you all shit 10 hrs a day and harming you through our machines. It's our machines that give you those weapons, the helmet, the cords - the timer its all done by a machine. Our machine is really incredible. Brian can adjust the machine.

Also on hand were CPS President Tony Fusco and his wife Patti.

Over 30 people attended and we had three new members join.

E - we hate art and we try and do what we can to curtail it, we're on the boards, one of us is an artist, a European and his stuff is crap and we promote it - he's anti-art - he's very well known.

Q - But aren't you risking being discovered?

This is used to create a stroke. It is a weapon that is used in exactly the same way as weapon no. 1. However it differs in that it involves a wavelength carrying a chemical. It is the chemical that attacks the blood cells and forms clots. This chemical is unknown to general science however it has a spectrum and remains in the body of the person attacked and it should be looked for as a spectrum. Time of death or stroke will again be 2.40 am. Again the address of the victim is needed.

How Brian's reptilian side harms

However we don't have to work first, not for our meeting, that is because with a lot of them working together they don't have to bother. These people will be killed without any prior work on them. But we are careful who we choose as we don't want to look suspicious. , if everyone we didn't want had a stroke then it would be far too obvious so this is why we vary it strokes or heart attacks are our main way of killing.

This is how I discovered how Brian attaches implants and weapons.

Ettissh told me about a weapon that Brian was wanting to use on my father; this was one of his many times that he did deals involving reptilian secrets in exchange for favours with his disobeying of Brian.

He is a large entity and attaches at the back.

The second time this weapon was fired at me it was fired by some one else, someone who Brian had asked to do it. I was in Finland and this time it was fired at my chest. There had been a few days of working on my chest beforehand and it was done to kill me. They seem to work on the person before they fire these weapons. Again the time was between 2.00 a.m. and 3.00 a.m. and the same thing happened. It worked its way into my chest which became constricted and I had difficulty breathing, I felt like I was going to die as it tightened. I was very scared. Fortunately I was near a spa, I knew water would help and I was taken there and the jets of the Jacuzzi removed the weapon after two hours! I recovered almost entirely and had not needed a hospital. This provides evidence that Brian is not alone and has a network of colleagues across the globe. This would be the global conspiracy.