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This essay shows a balanced approach which does not discuss both sides, it gives a specific opinion. If it seems confusing, don’t try it. Just agree with one side if that is easier for you. At no time, can you discuss both sides in an opinion essay – don’t risk it, if you find it confusing.
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If you are not sure about using the balanced view, don’t use it. Go for the one-sided approach. You don’t get a higher score for a balanced view. But you will get a lower score if your balanced view becomes a discussion essay without a clear position. So, decide wisely.

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The instructions do not ask you to discuss both sides. The instructions also don’t ask for other people’s opinion. It asks what you think and nothing more. Just follow the instructions.
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I would like to know if for an opinion essay like one above do we have to write counter arguments.
And if it says to what extend do you agree or disagree do can we present both sides and take one stand or can we take 2 stands.

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“However” has more than one meaning. Most students only know it as introducing an opposite but it can also have a meaning similar to “while” in this context:
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Hello Liz, hope you are a having a good day. I noticed that in conclusion, you have stated ‘local communities should do more.’ However, my English teacher taught us that we should never state a new idea in conclusion, instead we should summarize the main content. Can you please explain me, which is correct or if i am wrong or mistaken about it.

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There are no instructions in IELTS which are “agree and/or disagree”. IELTS only give “agree or disagree”. Please make sure you understand this before you do your test. Yes, this is band 9.
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Let me share my confusion about the essay. If an applicant is to follow the instruction which is undisputedly, the question was about “to what extant you agree and/or disagree” with the idea that SNS has got negative impact on our society? Thus, the point is discuss only negative impacts not the positive sides of them. On the contrary of that, we see the author gives her views in favour of SNS. Could we consider such answer as a proper one to the task?