– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

Judyth clearly got one piece of nonsense from Haslam. She points out that Mary Sherman wasmurdered on July 21, 1964, and says this was the day “when the Warren Commission came to gether testimony. . . . They killed her the same day. You can imagine how many people wouldn’teven say a word after that.” In fact, the Warren Commission didn’t even know that MarySherman existed. She entered the world of conspiracy theorizing due to Jim Garrison’sinvestigation. Haslam pointed out the coincidence of dates in a 1996 article, and Judyth repeated it, upping the ante with a claim that the Warren Commission was going to interview Sherman.

–  and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

There is no shortage of real problems in the city. Kids can be asked to help solve them in exchange for the respect and attention of the total adult world. Good for kids, good for all the rest of us. That's curriculum that teaches Justice, one of the four cardinal virtues in every system of elite education. What's sauce for the rich and powerful is surely sauce for the rest of us - what is more, the idea is absolutely free as are all other genuine reform ideas in education. Extra money and extra people put into this sick institution will only make it sicker.

– An The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English.

– Yet  from Judyth,including several photos, and samplesof Judyth’s artwork.

In order to ensure that as many members as possible are in receipt of this communication from the union before the trials cease, the Executive Council has determined that all work in connection with broadening the responsibilities of the fire service and the firefighter shall cease from and including Monday 18 September 2017.

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H.L. Hunt was a Texas oil millionaire, an extreme conservative, and thus, in the minds of manyconspiracists, a likely plotter. We have already seen that Hunt supposedly passed a message toplotters in New Orleans making it clear that plot members who had “outlived their usefulness”would probably be killed. Judyth’s account explains the motivation of “Texas Money” instandard conspiracist terms:

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Members will recall from circular 2017HOC0518MW that the fire service employers had proposed that NJC pay rates should be increased by 1%. This was in response to the rejection of their previous proposals following a consultation with FBU members.

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Following further dialogue with the employers and requests for clarification by the Executive Council, it has been confirmed that this proposal is not conditional on any other matters. Nor would it be considered as necessarily a final settlement of pay in relation to the current pay round.

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No fake defector program has ever been discovered by scholars studying the CIA, even in thewake of a massive release of documents in the 1990s. But what is most bizarre about this is thenotion that Oswald would have known Angleton’s actual name, rather than some alias.

“He has that much power,” I said, almost whispering into the phone.

Ragano was a lawyer who defended mobsters, and claimed to have from Jimmy Hoffa. Roselli was a mobster involved in CIA plots against the life of Castro. Judyth described the involvement of both men to researcher Rich DellaRosa. But DellaRosacame away skeptical. Quoting DellaRosa: