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However following the first moon landing of Apollo 11, the interest in the program declined and a number of further landings were abandoned due to federal funding cuts....

​The closest thing to a battle in the Cold War against the Soviet Union was the moon landing.

The relatively hitchless nature of the Apollo missions, and the seemingly scripted nature of the Apollo 13 drama, can give one pause. It is awe-inspiring to ponder all the things that had to go for the Moon landings to be successful, and when even said that it was hard to believe that we went, for the Moon hoax theorists to have doubts is understandable.

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The question is, did he really land on the moon, or was it a broadcasted fraud.

I understand why conspiracy theorists have doubts about the Moon landings’ authenticity. I am not saying they are right, but their doubts are understandable. Apollo 12 supposedly made a pinpoint landing to be near Surveyor 3. Pinpoint is right, even though the lunar dust blinded them as they landed. They also may have landed several feet from their deaths. They landed so near the crater where Surveyor 3 was that a few feet further would have landed two of the LM’s legs into the crater, which could have possibly made a tragic end to the Apollo program. The LM was designed to be positioned no more than 6 from a vertical orientation. It appears that the crater slope had more than a 6 slope to it, and appears that as few as ten feet further toward the crater would have had the LM at greater than a 6 angle, and they may not have been able to take off. I have not done the work to prove it, but the terrain at the crater’s lip appears to be greater than a 6 slope.

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The Landing Module was never tested in a “real” landing and takeoff situation until Armstrong and Aldrin supposedly landed on the Moon and took off. When Armstrong tried flying a stripped down version of the LM on Earth, he crashed it and was nearly killed. The LM supposedly made six perfect landings and take offs from the Moon.

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O’Leary was skeptical about the Apollo missions, and his skepticism was precisely where mine has been: the Moon landings themselves. The LM had virtually no testing in the environment where it would be used, and the scariest parts of all, the lunar landing and ascent, had no live testing whatsoever before Armstrong and Aldrin supposedly landed and took off from the Moon. The LM had to come in sideways, and its rockets had to fire perfectly to make a horizontal landing on the Moon. Nothing like it in manned space flight has been done before or since, and it was done without having been properly tested in a real environment before the Apollo 11 Mission. In kind, it is a situation similar to NASA's never sending an animal beyond the Van Allen belt to test the radiation of space’s effects on living creatures before it sent men out there. Just before the Apollo 11 mission, NASA sent a monkey into Earth orbit, to spend 30 days there. The monkey died in a week and the capsule was brought down on July 6, 1969.

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The USA soft-landed the Surveyor 1 on the Moon on June 2, 1966. Surveyor 2 crashed into the Moon. Surveyor 3 had a strange landing. It bounced 35 feet above the Moon when it landed because its rockets kept firing. Surveyor 4 failed, completely and “disappeared” 2.5 minutes before touchdown. NASA never determined what happened. Surveyor 5 nearly failed due to a helium leak, but a jerry-rigged landing saved the mission. Surveyor 6 was the first craft to lift off from the Moon. It did its takeoff maneuver (getting about 12 feet off the lunar surface) at the time of the Apollo 4 mission, in November 1967. Until Apollo 11, that was the only test in taking off.