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This parable illustrates that man cannot live by material things only. This was the first temptation that Christ faced. He had been hungry for days so Satan offered him a stone and asked Christ to turn it into bread. However, Christ rebuked him by saying that man cannot live by bread alone. Similarly, people are doing everything in their power to earn more money, build bigger homes and wear the best. In life, we need more than this to live happily. “But seest Thou these stones in this parched and barren wilderness? Turn them into bread, and mankind will run after Thee like a flock of sheep, grateful and obedient, though for ever trembling, lest Thou withdraw Thy hand and deny them Thy bread”. The grand inquisitor blamed Jesus for not taking the bread. In his opinion, Christ should have offered man liberty from starvation instead of liberty from choice.

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The kingdom’s temptation illustrates the significance of believing in God instead of tempting Him. In his second test, Satan asked Jesus to throw Himself from a pinnacle to prove that He was the messiah. If he were real then the angels would pick Him up. Jesus rebuked Satan and told him not to tempt God. “But Thou didst refuse and wouldst not cast Thyself down. Oh, of course, Thou didst proudly and well, like God; but the weak, unruly race of men, are they gods? Oh, Thou didst know then that in taking one step, in making one movement to cast Thyself down, Thou wouldst be tempting God and have lost all Thy faith in Him, and wouldst have been dashed to pieces against that earth which Thou didst come to save”. The grand inquisitor thought Christ should have given people a miracle to show them there was a supreme power.

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The Grand Inquisitor examines the relationship between man and Christ through a unique narrative style that adds various depths of meaning to the story.