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Theconcept of the Norman yoke was a powerful political force in the Englishcivil war, when the Anglo-Saxon witan was equated with parliament and theNorman kings with Charles I.

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In conclusion I don’t think you can pin the blame of something as big as a war on one person. I think that there are many people to blame and rather than people I think the problem was the lack of communication on both sides meaning that neither knew quite what the other wanted. I think that both sides made mistakes, but I would have to say that Charles made the most. Although this may because he didn’t listen to others and did what he wanted, he was also ever so slightly big headed which may have caused him to do some things without thinking through the consequences they would have. But then parliament made some rash and silly mistakes. They were very stubborn and wouldn’t settle for less then they asked for. This was one of the reasons that the compromises that Charles tried to make failed and fell through. So I think that there are many people to blame for the civil war in England.

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On the 22 of August 1642 a civil war broke out in England. The war was Parliament against the King and the king ruling at the time was King Charles I. Though there were many small reasons why the civil war eventually broke out the main three reasons were religion, a highly regarded thing in the 1640’s when England had just become Protestant and was reforming itself, power was the other thing, everyone wanted power and the last large cause was money. Charles was always in need of money, but it seems so was everyone else. In this essay I’m going to show you more about these three reasons and last of all the smaller triggers just before the outbreak of the war. The civil war may have started as something that both the King and Parliament thought they could control and win and by doing that bring the other down, but they both soon learnt that what they had created was something beyond their control because when there is a war everyone is involved not just those who started it. It may then become clearer to you who were more to blame for the outbreak of the civil war in England, Charles or parliament.