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Aim of this essay is to differentiate and distinguish between the architectural academic realm and architectural real applications, what roles do avant-garde ideas play in creating this realm .

Legends, arts, beliefs, and architecture are among the few that actually do last.

In the thick, heavy, power-breathing Roman wall, and in the regimented arches and vaults, one finds artistic Rome and her engineer-architects in their most honest and typical achievement.

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Except in  direction, that of monumental architecture and structural engineering, Rome produced very little distinctive creative art.

Architecture is often defined as both the process and the product of conceiving a plan, then designing and ultimately constructing buildings. Buildings, especially by famous architects such as Zaha Hadid, are widely regarded as works of art that define the civilizations that built them. If you are a budding architect, looking to follow in the footsteps of giants, we have some great topics below for you to write your papers on:

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During the Renaissance period, architects such as Bartolommeo Bandinelli were known for the exceptionally designed domes in Florence, which were larger than ever previously encountered....

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Whats more, it seems that the architects did all the important engineering and construction work, and then handed the building over to imported artists to do the superficial decorative work.

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The Renaissance Era in architecture begins when artists sought to create a new style which is totally different to those of its predecessor at the same time also reviving the styles of which the Romans and Greeks had done before them.

To begin with, art is the representation of the world we live in

The changes that happened throughout culture, religion, ideology, and government ultimately led the people of the Renaissance Era to express their skills in architecture, sciences, arts, and etc....

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When she turned to ornamentation, employed other architects to split the functional Greek columns and paste them uselessly beside the arches, in row over row against the walls, the engineer was eclipsed, a curtain of make-believe was dropped before the true drama of Roman building art.

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