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Soon, all Muslims will be outcasts, unemployable and friendless outside their Mosques. Who wants to work next to a guy whose religion commands him to KILL people? Why, he could be perfectly normal at work one moment - and then come back from daily prayers where his Imam issued a new fatwa commanding the faithful to slaughter his co-workers.

It led to substantial increases in their income and, as a bonus, made it easier for them to vote.

( Another conclusion is also needed: handing the terrorist the "war on terror" is a gift of inestimable value. An enemy that recognises the terrorist as a defender of the people does so in a way that the terrorist could never do -- the recognition and approval by the enemy is the greatest accolade. By validating the terrorists as the enemy of the people's enemy, they immediately add credibility to the terrorists' role as defender of the homeland. No terrorist could ever seriously hope for such a gift, but as you say, they're laughing now. )

in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

I'd like everyone to take a deep breath and listen for a minute.

I've felt this way for a long time...back when it was just street gang mayhem. Ever stop to think that every kidnapping victim, widowed spouse, orphaned child ends up becoming a spokesperson for said terrorist organization? They're going to talk about it. "I was kidnapped by blank. My mom was killed by blank. My husband was taken by blank and beheaded in the streets." It becomes a cycle of promotion and advertisement.

Next you'll be telling us Noam Chomsky was behind the WTC attacks.

The Bush administration has gone out of its way to confuse the issues, so that the London investigation appears makes the case for their illegal bulk wiretapping. But people who wish to think clearly about this stuff should learn to keep the two separate. We don't "want it all", we just don't want to get administered a polygraph every time we make a phone call.

You get the prize for most defeatist statement of the week.

The purpose of these so-called terrorists is to undermine governments and the structures of society. They use violence as a means to create chaos. People who pursue this kind of agenda are, by definition, anarchists, even if they do not subscribe to the philosophical view of anarchism.

1) You sound very sure that they were elected.

I hope the terrorists keep on using people with dark skin, squinty eyes and wearing turbans to accomplish their dastardly goals. I would hate it if they started using people who look like me, and all of a sudden whites started getting shot at by air marshalls or taken to jail for praying in airplanes or fiddling with their cell phones in flight.

3) "We" ... speak for yourself, see 1 and also

What is not legal is wholesale untargeted sifting through all domestic communications, as enabled by the ATT feed of interstate phone comms to NSA. There is no court supervision of any kind, and in effect it makes a potential suspect of everyone who makes a long-distance call.

If there is a way to profit from something, it will be done.

Given all the incidents and their corresponding disproportionate impacts cited in Bruce's article, I think I have a really good strategy for terrorist organizations: stop committing actual terrorism, and just create a series of ultimately harmless disturbances that have nearly the same effect as an act of terrorism.