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We are so excited to begin our 7th season at Tribute National Talent starting in January 2018. Over the last seven years we have had the privilege and honor of seeing thousands of dancers from across the country and hundreds of outstanding dance studios and teachers attend our events. From day one we have always focused on the importance of family and to share with others the love, respect and appreciation that is so important. With hundreds of choices on dance competitions and conventions to attend, we always want our company to stand out by not only hosting a very professional event but to be different in a positive way. We don’t just focus on a score or award, we share a message that does in some way make a huge impact on others. Every dance competition has similar aspects that are visible as you attend a variety of events, but at Tribute we are the only competition that takes a moment away from competing to have dancers share the love they have for their parents. We have always done everything we can to make sure parents are recognized for the contributions they make for dance by allowing their sons and daughters to do what they love. We hope that we have the opportunity to see you at one of our events in 2018 to experience the difference at Tribute National Talent. Here’s to an amazing new season of dance and memories.

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To stick to our project deadlines, the company has remained a Debt-free organisation. Being debt-free allows us to steer away from financial constraints which delays real estate projects. Today, we also have an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals required for complete execution of real estate projects.

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I juggle a lot of projects but I don’t get stressed. Bikram yoga is my saviour and I cannot get through the week without at least one class. But I’ve also got very good at shutting the door on stuff, and I think that comes with age.

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I have lots of shoes. I went to the with a couple of friends recently and there were so many styles on display that I’ve owned over the years and thrown out or given away in the heat of the moment when I’ve run out of wardrobe space. It’s criminal, really.

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On Sunday nights, I’ll cook something really simple like baked eggs or we’ll get a takeaway curry. Then it’s Monday, yoga and time to attack my list again.

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My mum and dad are great at coming down to London to visit us from Newcastle but in an ideal weekend I’d fit in a trip up North as well – I’m missing it. There’s a time when you just know you’re due a visit home.

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My perfect Sundays involve chatting with friends and family, having a big tea with lots of cake and getting all the Sunday papers. At some point, I love a bit of , too.

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I’m still always incredibly flattered to be asked to those red carpet events, given the fact it is such a young business. I’m actually getting more work as I get older, not less, which is really odd. So Note to Self – leave more time to get ready.