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This essay will analyze Huckleberry Finn and its relation to society today; the main issues that are addressed include: Huckleberry’s growth as a moral and upstanding person, race relations between African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans including Huck’s relation to Jim and the issue of slavery, the role of society and an analysis of...

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From the opposite aesthetic direction there has come in recent years, in the art of painting especially and to a lesser degree in poetry and music, the exploitation of what is called “the art of random occasion.” People spill paint on canvas, ink their shoes and walk on paper, stare at a glittering point and write down their “free associations.” Now the actual purpose of such activity is to show the kind of communication that emerges, under the guidance of the sensibility and taste of the artist, even out of the manipulation of accident. After all, nothing looks so much like a Jackson Pollock as another Jackson Pollock. This can be said of the work of all the abstract expressionists. As painting has exploited more and more the manipulation of random occasion, the more personal the paintings have become. I am not arguing about the ultimate value of Rothko, or Still, or Motherwell. I do not as a matter of fact think this is the very highest kind of painting. I am simply pointing out that any familiarity with it reveals how strongly personal, how individually communicative it is.

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There is a relation between humanity and government however this is in terms of the different roles they play in the field of society....

As Renaissance artists became more popular, wealthy lords became patrons of them and won the support of the general public by throwing lavish exhibitions of Renaissance art. This was the time when European merchants grew very wealthy through trade and banking and they tried to gain the social status that they lacked by extending patronage to such art & culture.

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In the past he has usually been in the latter position, but I believe that the period of increasing isolation of the poet in common with all artists is drawing to a close. I wish to indicate briefly the nature and significance of poetic activity and its relation to past societies and to open up a discussion of its future possibilities.

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Secondly, almost all schools of thought have agreed that the final criteria of the arts are in some sense moral. Certainly the arts are concerned with the weighing of values. Thus the poet is occupied not only with the intensification and enlargement of the techniques of experience, but with the evaluation of its contents. In fact, when the individual writer places intensity before judgment he soon lapses into a triviality in which intensity itself evaporates. This can be seen by comparing, for example, Verlaine and Rimbaud, or Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. If all the poets in the world wrote like Ernest Dowson a decaying social order would have little to fear from them. At least not until decadence and chaos made even romantic sexual satisfaction impossible.

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Using the three social theories, the macro approach of Marx that is used to analyse society from a class conflict view between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the macro approach that Durkheim used when analysing social systems and populations on a large scale and who’s theory views individual’s issues as reflective of wider social patterns and the micro approach of George Mead who focused on small scale social interaction and who’s theory interprets the behaviour of individuals as significant and a way to interpret how the world is socially...