Positive attitudes and perceptions about learning

Merit scholarships are often related to academic performance, but can also be given to a candidate displaying exceptional artistic or athletic success and skill, or even a combination of both.

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Thetext of the law ends with a warning shot at private schools in California,stating: “It is the intent of the Legislature that alternative and charterschools take notice of the provisions of this act in light of Section 235 of theEducation Code, which prohibits discrimination ... in any aspect of theoperation of alternative and charter schools.”

Acquiring and integrating knowledge

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PARENTS who took their children out of school to prevent them being taught about lesbian, gay and transgender relationships are facing prosecution.

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If someone comes to a business meeting wearing not a sharp suit, but their bondage gear from the night before, then all of my three facts are going to be something along the lines of "holy god, did you see that freak in the bondage gear?" In much the same way, if I google his name the night before and find dozens of pictures of him wearing said bondage gear, that's all I'm going to remember. It'll completely obliterate the interesting points he made that made me think, and that'll put the kibosh on the rest of our business relationship.

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Privacy matters because it's fairer to allow each individual to control their own public face than to leave it to chance, to society at large, or to some governmental authority. And I'll bet that's part of the evolutionary reason that we've developed this "basic human need" in the first place.

@Tom Mat never said how the images got there ;-)

Curriculum Associates has , accompanied by audio, which provides tips and strategies that teachers might use in classroom settings. In four lessons you will learn about setting expectations, procedures, rules, and consequences; reasons for and managing disruptive behavior, including how to avoid power struggles with students; how to document incidences of misbehavior objectively; and strategies for positive parent conferences on discipline issues and follow-up. There is also a free mini-course on .

"If you aren't doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?"

The answer is, of course, the Watchmen themselves. That alone should show how ridiculous the argument for constant surveillance is, but fear is a powerful motivator, and the illusion of safety makes it doubly so.

from the Leadership Department of Andrews University

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"If you're running China, these kinds of tools are exactly what you need to prevent dissidents from organizing."
Not just China by any means.
Were the Congress to have brains (and balls), it is exactly this that would be centered on in any investigation.
For example,
Question: "With this system could you locate everyone who wrote or called their congressman to oppose Bill 123? And all their friends and contacts?"