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to enter Birmingham on the south side by a tunnel, so as to gain a central terminus. Another plan was to pass up the Tame Valley from Stone Bridge, and join the Grand Junction Railway at Wednesbury, having a branch line to Birmingham; this was done with a view to the advantages of the whole line from London to Liverpool. Both companies were to have stations in Broad-street the Grand Junction on the north-west side, on a piece of ground of about seven and a half acres; and the London and Birmingham on the south-east side, containing about nine acres, with another station at the Bell Barn Road.”

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to remove the intended terminus, by means of a tunnel, under the town to the station of the London and Birmingham Railway in Nova Scotia Gardens .

Beeching and his axe. Its locomotive sheds were closed in 1960 and in 1965, as did the Locomotive Testing Station and the Great Central goods yard. Of the railways that once converged on Rugby from nine directions, the line to Leamington closed in 1965, followed in 1966 by the line to Peterborough and the Great Central Railway south of Rugby. The section of the Great Central Railway to Nottingham survived until 1969.

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From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Saturday, August 19th – enjoy a tour of the 1890 Train Station & a speeder ride on our built railway track! Tour & ride is $10 per person (children under 10 are free to ride).


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From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 7th – enjoy a tour of the 1890 Train Station & complimentary desert and drinks. If the weather is nice, speeder rides will be held on our built railway track! Donations are accepted. Thanks!

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the omnibuses and carriages enter under the centre of the portico, and the foot passengers at their right side on the causeway, between the pillar and wall. Policemen, in the dark green uniform of the company, are stationed about the entrances, and are always ready to give directions to any person needing them.

On passing under the portico, a range of buildings is observable to the right, the upper part of which is used as offices for the secretary, and other functionaries, located at the London end of the line. Moving onwards, we enter beneath a colonnade, and presently arrive at the booking offices, where a short time previously to the starting of a train, a number of persons will be found waiting to pay their fares. Behind a large counter are stationed a number of clerks, displaying the usual bustling, but still we may say a rather more methodical appearance, than their professional brethren at the coach offices; this latter semblance, doubtless, results from the system that is adopted; a rail in the office is so constituted as to form with the counter a narrow pass, through which only one individual can pass at a time, and into this the travellers go, and are thus brought, ad seriatim, before the booking clerk. Into this pass we enter, and wait patiently listening to the utterance of names of stations to which persons are going, such as Coventry, Tring, Birmingham, &c., till those before us are booked to their respective stations; when our turn comes, we mention the place we are going to, and the station nearest it is named, together with the fare to that station; this sum we pay, and receive a ticket which is forthwith stamped for us, on which the number of the seat we are to occupy, and all other necessary directions are printed.

Ticket in hand, we proceed forwards through an entrance hall, and emerge beneath the spacious shedding, round which the traveller can scarcely cast a wondering gaze, when he is assailed by a policeman, who in a hurried tone cries ‘number of your ticket, sir;’ having obtained a glance of the ticket, the official immediately points out its owner’s seat in the train and then hastens away to perform similar duty to others.”