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Therefore, it will define Postmodernism with those characteristics applied in the essay. Many of the characteristics of Postmodernism have been spelled out in the module already, others can be found in Venturi’s writings, as well as your text by Amy Dempsey (chapter on Postmodernism). The essay should employ a working definition of Postmodernism, and original descriptive observation and analysis in order to prove the thesis that one of these edifies is postmodern. For example, if you wish to apply the characteristic of “fabulism/fantasy,” then you should find a feature of the design that exhibits fabulism and or fantasy. All sources should be cited in a bibliography. As a benchmark, the essay should be about five pages of text, double-spaced, plus accompanying embedded images. The format should be either .doc(x) or PDF.

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The essay assignment requires you to explore, visually and digitally, one of three postmodern buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. One is an art museum, one is a scientific institution, and one is a cathedral. Do you remember one of the criticisms, that all of the significant conversations in the era of Postmodernism were finished, save for those about art, science, and spirituality? This has guided our select list.

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In Module 11, an essay/paper about postmodern architecture will be due. We are giving you the instructions in this module, so that you have enough time to research and prepare. Ideally, you should start writing as soon as you can and not leave it to the last minute, as you will start to accummulate writing work toward the end of the class.

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At the end of Meaghan Morris' discussion of postmodernism included in her collection of essays _The Pirate's Fiance: Feminism and Postmodernism_, she provides a bibliography of works by women, identifying them as important contributions to a discourse on postmodernism that offers new insight as well as challenging male theoretical hegemony.

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Bell Hooks opens the essay by narrating an account of a dinner party which includes a heated discussion on whether applies to African-Americans. This anecdote sets up the basis of her essay, in which she argues that the postmodern movement is completely independent and nearly ignorant of African-Americans and their culture. She explains how writers of the movement are typically of the white, male, scholarly elite genre whose writings include so much coded material that it excludes other writers. Although, she cites a select few postmodern critics whom do not fit the stereotype, she asserts postmodern writing as a whole widely excludes African Americans. Appealing to ethos, Hooks doesn't place all the blame for the exclusion of African-Americans on the heels of the scholarly writers themselves. She says much of the problem is the fact that most African-Americans refuse to address the topic and take action (as seen in the discussion at the dinner party). She feels this aversive attitude needs changing. She believes postmodern debate should be an avenue for the voices of the marginalized, exploited, and oppressed. The post-modern identity places certain traits on African-Americans, simply because of their race. hooks claims the postmodern critique of "identity" needs to be rethought; the idea of what it means to be African-American needs to be reworked and expanded to show the positive side of the culture and how much more they can accomplish. She uses the example of rap in African-American culture as an example of a critical voice employed by common people. The use of rap music as a means of speaking out is an evidence that Hooks predicts that the future of the way African-American culture is viewed may lie in popular culture. hooks considers rap as the only way that African-Americans have voiced their opinions and culture to the general public.