How I Developed my Spiritual Perspective

Every tradition in the world contains some seeds of truth, and likewise some of those seeds come to fruition and then rot, such as the justifications for slavery and the subjugation of the feminine, fully half of creation. We humans must be master pruners in order to keep cutting away the tribal rhetoric to come to deeper truth. This is true for every nation, every group. I deeply appreciate the religious and ethnic diversity of the world, and I pray that one day we can all respect each other for our differences as well as our common humanity, which is an inheritance from a God who loves all life and values us as a part of its own heart. May we achieve the peaceful coexistence which God implores us to find, first within our own souls.

My Early Paranormal Experiences

He was commonplace in complexion, in features, in manners, and in voice. He was of middle size and of ordinary build. His eyes, of the usual blue, were perhaps remarkably cold. . . . Otherwise there was only an indefinable, faint expression of his lips, something stealthy—a smile—not a smile—I remember it, but I can’t explain. . . . He was a common trader, from his youth up employed in these parts—nothing more. He was obeyed, yet he inspired neither love nor fear, nor even respect. He inspired uneasiness. That was it! Uneasiness. Not a definite mistrust—just uneasiness—nothing more. You have no idea how effective such a . . . a . . . faculty can be. He had no genius for organizing, for initiative, or for order even. . . . He had no learning, and no intelligence. His position had come to him—why? . . . He originated nothing, he could keep the routine going—that’s all. But he was great. He was great by this little thing that it was impossible to tell what could control such a man. He never gave that secret away. Perhaps there was nothing within him. Such a suspicion made one pause.

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If you want others to follow, learn to be alone with your thoughts

Bring in articles from newspapers or the Internet that deal with people respecting or disrespecting other people. Think of some actions that could be taken to improve the situation presented in the article.

People who show respect for others often gain respect in return.

Those polarities can also be described as the paths of light and darkness, good and evil, etc. Whereas the path of light is committed to truth and love, the path of darkness is committed to deception and fear. Ra described further dimensions of existence that pursue those paths. It is a fascinating perspective that this essay cannot do justice to. It provides a framework to understand interactions between beings on this plane and beings in others, how humans evolve on the physical plane, and the soul's journey. Others have called the path of serving others the path of service-to-self through service-to-others. Ra said that the dark path leads to a dead end of sorts. The study of "that which is not" is valid, and many valuable lessons are learned along the way. As that path is progressed, higher levels of power and understanding are attained. Along the light path are constantly increasing levels of expansion and integration into creation. Along the dark path there are constantly increasing levels of concentration and withdrawal into one's perceived self. Along the light path there is an eventual reunification with the source of creation, the ultimate coming home. The source of creation is love, and that force created and sustains not only this universe, but also all of creation.

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Val Valerian, in his , established broad categories to classify humanity into, with rough percentages. It relates somewhat to the light-dark polarity. Valerian did not present his data to expressly deal with the integrity issue, but it has a relationship and gives rough numbers. Valerian sees it in terms of those who give away their personal power. It can also be seen as serving themselves. Most people do not want to be responsible for their lives, and arriving at a new level of integrity and taking back their responsibility has a price. When faced with the decision to be responsible for one's life, more than half of humanity at this time readily falls back into complacency, is easily controlled, and gives up their freedom for comfort and "security." As once observed, those who trade their freedom for security deserve and receive neither. About a quarter of the human race feels there is something wrong with the picture, but shuffles along with the herd nevertheless. About 10% there is something not quite right, and have tried to do something about it at some level, but were repressed in one way or another and still shuffle along with the herd. A few percent have figured it out and have broken away from the herd. About 5% of humanity are committed self-servers, and actively and knowingly use others for their own ends. Those numbers relate to the integrity issue. Those few who have broken away from the herd are mainly other-serving. The 10% have tried to be other-serving and are to a degree, but have been beaten back into line. More than 80% of humanity makes up the "Great Herd" and is easily manipulated. The 5% manipulator class is composed of those on the dark path.